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How much to replace the motor on my garage door?

  Graham. 13:14 16 Feb 2008

It's a Gliderol, the motor is roughly 6x4 inches.

click here search for DC motors.

  Graham. 17:21 16 Feb 2008

Click on the link, Products, DC motors. They do not supply just the motor, they are supplied as one unit.

It is not a car.

  TopCat® 19:44 16 Feb 2008

Hard to tell size exactly from the photos on the link but they look very similar to large van or truck windshield wiper motors. If so, then various geared ww motors can be found at some vehicle dismantlers. You could be lucky there, as I was recently. TC.

  Graham. 19:48 16 Feb 2008

I'm sorry, it's not a DIY job. Any jobing contractoe would be a foot shorter when the counter-balance springs took his head off.

  Graham. 20:06 16 Feb 2008

I've turned myself into a cat. Just eat and sleep.

click here

  Stuartli 10:17 17 Feb 2008

Well if you've done all that in just 18 minutes from your previous post.......:-)

  Colonel* Graham 23:21 19 Oct 2011

I had to stump up. If it fails again I shall go for an up and over.

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