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How much to replace the motor on my garage door?

  Graham. 13:14 16 Feb 2008

It's a Gliderol, the motor is roughly 6x4 inches.

click here search for DC motors.

  Graham. 13:15 16 Feb 2008

...Products, search for DC motors.

  Graham. 13:47 16 Feb 2008

The motor is one of those in my link, can't use any other than a Preslite.

The bill has put me in the red.

  Forum Editor 13:55 16 Feb 2008

You asked 'How much to replace the motor on my garage door?' and yet it looks as if you already know.

Like WhiteTruckMan, I'm afraid I don't understand.

  Graham. 14:15 16 Feb 2008

Yes I do know, and I am in a state of shock. It was £405.37.

  Forum Editor 14:31 16 Feb 2008

I agree, but then you're probably talking about a pretty high-quality motor, and I expect it will have a long operating life.

Do you get any part-exchange allowance for the old motor?

  Graham. 15:18 16 Feb 2008

'I expect it will have a long operating life'

The old one lasted 10 years. I took it apart, the carbon brushes had disappeared.

I suppose I could have had it repaired, but I did not expect such a big bill. It seems with Gliderol you have to use an authorised repairer, only they can source the parts. And they have a fixed price.

  ton 15:36 16 Feb 2008

Buy carbon brushes by size etc. click here

  Graham. 16:43 16 Feb 2008

The commutators were worn down as well.

The new motor has a 1 year warranty, no warranty on the door.

I'm not tied to this company, but it's got the franchise on Gliderol.

  Graham. 16:59 16 Feb 2008

Unfortunately, this motor is a one-of, made for my model of door, in Australia.

I have rung round local companies, no-one else can repair Gliderol. And they are not surprised at my bill.

  Graham. 17:13 16 Feb 2008

If you look at my link, you will see it has a gearbox.

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