How much for a HPIS pack?

  rickf 19:06 07 May 2010

I am in the proces of putting my place up for sale. Have been quoted £350 incl of VAT. Is that a reasonable price. What is the averrage price people have paid.Property is in London and freehold.Thanks

  Forum Editor 19:13 07 May 2010

in the cost of HIPs - I've seen prices ranging from £180 all the way up to £540.

In that context £350 doesn't seem outrageously expensive, but shop around - you may be able to make a saving.

  sunnystaines 19:23 07 May 2010

beware of estate agents offering free hips, because if you at a later date change agents you may get stung for top dollar rate for your hips.

  rickf 20:16 07 May 2010

Forum Editor,
Advice taken note of. Many thanks. I am hoping for under £300. Still shopping around but want a reliable and competent provider.

  ams4127 20:52 07 May 2010

After it's been done, check it carefully.

Mine said I had partial double glazing and oil central heating. I actually had full double glazing and was on mains gas.

Once the estate agent changed the relevant details I sold the house within a month.

  rickf 21:05 07 May 2010

Many thanks to date people

  spuds 23:47 07 May 2010

As previously been mentioned, £350 seems about the usual going rate, but do ask around, and make sure that you have a come-back if the pack isn't fully completed.

I understand that there are discussions afoot about changing HPIS, especially on low priced property.Whether a change in government will speed up the discussions, we will perhaps have to wait and see.

  bremner 08:53 13 May 2010

Announced yesterday that HIPS are going to be scrapped by the new government

  rickf 09:06 13 May 2010

For those intrested. I managed to negotiate the price down to £299. Providers know you can easily find someone cheaper. The profit margin is incredibly high. They don't have to do anyhting at all. You fill in a form and send back by email.
It's only the energy assessor who has to do any physical work. He comes and assess your place for energy efficiency and it takes half an hour.
The independent cost for the energy assessor is £80 which is included in the HIPS package. Work out the math.
Very good news that it's going to be scrapped but I understand it's going to be in a slightly different form and there is still a charge. So it it's not scrapped totally.

  bremner 10:08 13 May 2010

Having read the policy document it states they will keep the energy review part of the HIP and scrap the rest.

  spuds 11:13 13 May 2010

So it might mean that the negotiating price will remain the same. Less for more ;o(

Whatever happened to the car type log books that the government was thinking of introducing on property sales?.

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