How Much Food Do You Throw Away?

  oresome 17:07 21 Oct 2013

The news today from Tesco is that they throw an enormous amount away from their stores and distribution centres and a similar amount gets discarded by their customers.

I presume surveys must have been carried out to see what householders admit to discarding.

I'm not surprised with the bagged salad. It has a very short life once opened and some of the in-store bread can go stale very quickly although we do try to use this up with soup.

I don't think we throw away anything like claimed, but inevitably some gets discarded and more so since we lost the dog (although she wouldn't have touched the salad and only ate the bread if we put it out for the birds).

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  Quickbeam 18:51 21 Oct 2013

Not much, I've got a dog.

  woodchip 18:53 21 Oct 2013

Things I throw are Black Plums that do not ripen and just chucked out some nectarines for same reason, they shrivelled up before ripening. Tomatoes that go to water in days. But its not every week far from it that the above happens

  john bunyan 18:58 21 Oct 2013

Sometimes a cut loaf turns mildew. Occasional nectarine fruit goes soft. Not a lot really- we do freeze stuff if plans change (relatives no turning up after shopping done) To my wife's annoyance I use the "sniff" test and sometimes eat after the official "sell by or use by" date.

  morddwyd 19:10 21 Oct 2013

Our food waste is collected separately.

I put out one small (5 litre) biodegradable bag every two weeks, never full, normally contains egg shells, bones, fruit stones etc.

Can't remember the last time I threw bread away, not even one slice.

  QuizMan 20:48 21 Oct 2013

As little as possible. I try to grow as much fruit and veg as I can fit into my garden. It's amazing how frugal I can be with wastage when I have put in all that effort.

  Aitchbee 20:55 21 Oct 2013

In the cooler autumn 'n' winter months, I store all of my perishable 'fruit & veg' [out-of-doors] on my verandah ... everything s fresher for much longer ... no waste!

... [this] gives me 'stacks-o-room' for chilling cans-o'-beer in my small but sufficient worktop fridge :o]

  Quickbeam 22:43 21 Oct 2013

Good prioritizeing there HB!

  spuds 10:10 22 Oct 2013

I must admit that we throw out quite a lot of food, but no matter how much we tell ourselves that we have to cut-back, it never seems to happen.

A typical example is a recent case of throwing away three bin liner bags full of out of date tinned food. No doubt, some of the items were still very much edible, but we just wanted the cluttered space in the cupboards clearing. Perhaps the most stupid or selfish thing about that, was thinking about any food banks, after we had thrown the items away?.

Mentioning Tesco, I wonder how much they and all the other supermarkets can help more. For example, we find that some local superstores offer very little savings on 'reduced' price items, with sell by dates, the same day. It use to be the case, that price reductions were ongoing thoughout the day, depending if the items were selling as fast as the store wanted, but I notice that this practise appears to be no longer available with some outlets, possibly due to staff time in changing labels or displays etc?.

  HondaMan 16:13 22 Oct 2013

Let's face it, for most fresh produce you don't need a best before or use by date as you can see the produce. If it looks good it probably is. Where the date may/is useful is in pre-packaged goods where you cannot inspect the item yourself. My wife can sense an "off" piece of fruit or veg at half a mile!

  oresome 16:48 22 Oct 2013

A retailers spokesman on the news this morning said that predicting stock levels was as much an art as a science.

The supermarkets feared having empty shelves because once a customer looked elsewhere for a product they may not return so overstocking was a price they were prepared to pay to ensure availability until closing time.

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