How much does an email weigh?

  interzone55 20:50 02 Apr 2009

I know it's a strange question, but I've a genuine reason for asking.

We're migrating across to a new computer system at work, our US owners have decided to install SAP, and it's a very black & white system. We HAVE to give lots of info about all our products, including dimensions, weight, export tariff codes, etc.

One of the main products I sell is a software package that's just delivered to the customer as an emailed licence key, they download the latest software release from a website once they have the key.

I checked with our IT people, and I have to enter the weight of all products, so anyone know how much an HTML email, around 17kb, weighs...

  peter99co 20:59 02 Apr 2009

I would ask how heavy the brain was of the person who said it had to be weighed. Maybe you should check with the IT Manager not the Office junior.

Everbody knows it will only have weight if you print it out on 80gsm paper.

  cycoze 21:03 02 Apr 2009

Approx one seven-thousandth of a quadrillionth of an ounce, probably a smidge under that, but maths is not my strong point :)

  John B 21:11 02 Apr 2009
  peter99co 21:15 02 Apr 2009

Yes,the answer is there, but can the answer be made to fit the little box where the weight has to be written?

  interzone55 21:23 02 Apr 2009

I need to enter it in kilos :-)

  cycoze 22:13 02 Apr 2009

0.00019844666188 of a kilogram

  BRYNIT 22:35 02 Apr 2009

Was this question asked on April 1st

  wiz-king 05:39 03 Apr 2009

Have you included the mass of the photons that have flashed along the trans-atlantic fibre?

  Kevscar1 07:28 03 Apr 2009

Answer is simple 0 Kilos

  BT 08:35 03 Apr 2009

When I was working we had SAP imposed upon us. I'm sure its a very good system as it seems to be used widely.
It all depends on how its implemented. The way it was set up for us was absurdley complicated and it made it difficult and longwinded to use. I just hope that yours is set up properly .

I think peter99co's 1st comment just about sums it up.

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