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How much do you spend on a night out?

  Cymro. 14:18 01 Jul 2019

BBC link

When I saw this on a BBC site I thought I would have a look expecting to be shocked by the amount the youngsters of today do spend but allowing for inflation the amount was rather lower than I expected. When I used to go out on the rasol some years ago now I expected to get away with spending a couple of fivers and usual no more unless there was food and taxis to pay for. Yes that was a long time ago married now over 45 years.

  oresome 16:54 01 Jul 2019

I have been known to splash out £20 at Wetherspoons on steak night. That's for two with a bottle of wine of course.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:17 01 Jul 2019

Not really a going out person these days but, back when pubs still had a peasouper of cigarette smoke by mid evening, I rarely spent more than a tenner.

As for the above mentioned Wetherspoons, went in one once in Taunton. It was early lunchtime, the floor was still sticky from the evening before and the staff appeared to be deaf and blind. Never been in one since.

  Quickbeam 20:18 01 Jul 2019

A fiver...

  oresome 10:27 02 Jul 2019

Re Wetherspoons, you can overcome any time waiting to be served by using their app. The food and drink is then brought to you which then gives you plenty of time to clean the table and brush the muck off the seats.

  wee eddie 15:33 02 Jul 2019

As an ex-Taxi driver I can only report the past but, youngsters I have carried were discussing having spent £200 to £300 for their evening

  dagbladet 15:41 02 Jul 2019

My only experience of 'spoons' is when I was staying in Hawick in the Scottish borders. It was a lovely bright clean place. The fish and chips was the best I've had anywhere and the beer was cool and fresh. I can't remember exactly what I spent but two fish suppers, two pints and two cokes were less than £20.

  lotvic 18:19 02 Jul 2019

Hope that's a small bottle of Whiskey KEITH, don't want to sleep in and miss breakfast ;-)

Cost of my modest night out, meal and couple of drinks about £30.

  Govan1x 18:58 02 Jul 2019

60 years ago you could go out with Ten Bob in your pocket, have a good drink and get fish and chips on the way back home and still have change in your pocket.

Mind you I think that must have been about the last time I was out.

  Gordon Freeman 20:08 02 Jul 2019

Four Yorkshiremen Monty Python sketch anyone?

  john bunyan 22:26 02 Jul 2019

If you drink on a night out parking doesn’t apply as you don’t take a car there!

These days for us it’s either a local pub meal at about £30 for two or OAP fish and chips take away at £9 for 2 (including mushy peas)

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