How much is attempting to keep up with the others?

  Diemmess 17:59 09 Feb 2005

National Savings Easy Access account - Designed by Loony Toons?

I retired to a nearby village

The Department of Pensions has ceased issuing pension and other allowance books and thus forced recipients to name a bank account or accept Giro cheques by post.

Using our sub office for ready cash needs, helps in a tiny way keep our village sub post office afloat.

I have elected to have my state retirement pension paid into a new National Savings Easy Access account, which carries reasonable interest, far better than my bank current a/c or a Post Office Savings account.

Today I took my shiny new plastic card to this sub post office to change my pin number from the random number I had been given, to one I can easily remember.......... This service is not available at our sub post office. So I came home and phoned N/S Help.

The gist of the phone call seemed to be that none of the major banks ATM was prepared to handle changes to N/S Easy Access pin numbers, while Post Offices are not considered sufficiently secure!

N/S Easy Access use “Moneybox” cash machines, and the nearest is at a petrol filling station outside a tiny village 12 miles away! Towns like Chepstow or Gloucester are not recognised on their database!

Mickey Mouse must live around here somewhere.

  wiz-king 05:59 10 Feb 2005

How dare you complain! The Government is trying to make your life better and you moan about a minor thing like being unable to change you password. It's your fault for not living in London, you should know that the decisions of the Government have to be made for the good of the majority - who live in London. Further more as an economic migrant to the area unless you can prove you are in an enthnic minority you will not be entitled to any Government help and may be activley encouraged to go back home.
I am jokeing ----- I think.

  spuds 22:41 10 Feb 2005

All done in the name of progress, or that is what they keep telling me!.

  stalion 22:47 10 Feb 2005

come on mickey mouse lives in disney land everyone knows that

  Diemmess 17:36 11 Feb 2005

Tiz done. Made my pilgrimage to "Moneybox", (24 mls return).

Not an earthshaking event. My wife and I can use an easily remembered pin number henceforth.

Being a nice generous spirit and modest too, I suppose I was asking too much to expect Nat. Savings plastic, to work like other cards do

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