How many of you actually use your Scroll Lock key?

  Si_L 12:07 05 Aug 2008


Why not turn it into an LED keyboard light for night-time use?

click here

You will only need screwdriver, soldering iron, wire, and heat shrink.

  Quickbeam 12:28 05 Aug 2008

Easier to just buy one of these though click here

  Si_L 12:36 05 Aug 2008

Its £30 though! And no where near as cool :-)

  tigertop2 14:44 05 Aug 2008

I find Scroll Lock necessary to switch between analogue monitors using a Belkin 2 port KVM switch. (Never found any other use for it though.) You double click on Scroll lock then click on No1 or No2 monitor--works very well too.

  jack 14:58 05 Aug 2008

but I have one of these though
Three quid at a computer fair
A USB LED lamp
Stuck to desktop with Blu Tak[ Good ol Blue Peter Style]

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  crosstrainer 15:30 05 Aug 2008

Not since the day's of old, but I don't think I'll go down the LED route either :)

  Si_L 16:12 05 Aug 2008

I just bought a cheap keyboard from my local store for £1.50, so I'm gonna try it out now. I'll post a pic when I'm done.

Just gotta hunt down the soldering iron now!

  Si_L 16:14 05 Aug 2008

click here

This will tell you what its for. Its basically a defunct key now, only Excel uses it really, and for a function that most of us will probably never use.

I say make it into a keyboard light!

  pj123 16:31 05 Aug 2008

I do. I have two computers connected to 1 monitor, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard and 1 set of speakers via a KVM switch.

Double click scroll lock to switch from computer A to computer B.

Computer A is my business computer. Still running Win 98. It has no access to the internet at all.

Computer B, this one, is my general purpose pc with access to the internet.

  Chegs ®™ 17:37 05 Aug 2008

There are several keys on my latest keyboard that I never use.As a one finger typist,I must look at the keys as I type & as its all black with white lettering I need plenty of light to use it at night.The thing I am really annoyed about is I have a keyboard from my first ever PC,its beige in colour and despite many years usage,all the letters are still visible.This latest keyboard is under 4 months old,and has lost so many of the letters off the keys,I have to "proof-read" everything.I tried tipex pens,that worked for a single evening.I have now sat with a needle and lighter,heating the needle and carefully burnt the letters into the key tops then painted over with tipex which at least enables me to see what key it is I'm pressing and wont wear off.(or if it does,it'll be time for a new keyboard as I'll probably be poking my finger into the innards)

  Si_L 17:47 05 Aug 2008

Cutting a small square of clear tape over the keys does the job too. I do this for the W,A,S,D keys, as they tend to rub off earlier than others when you use a keyboard for games.

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