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How many wasted items have you bought.

  bumpkin 20:23 05 Apr 2017

I do like gadgets but so often find them short lived or just useless in the first place. Examples re-chargeable vacuum cleaners, electric can openers , toasted sandwich makers and endless other junk. What are your experiences?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 05 Apr 2017

Loads over the years

nose hair trimmer and mp3 player spring to mind :0)

  bumpkin 21:26 05 Apr 2017

That's a starter, little portable lamps that switch on at night when someone near, cost more in batteries than leaving the house light on all night.

  Brumas 21:34 05 Apr 2017

Tumble dryer internal condenser, you know that stupid setup using a hose and box! The next week I had the plumber knock through the outside wall and fit a proper vent!

  wee eddie 22:03 05 Apr 2017

NAS Drive. I thought that I might start watching movies and was going to downsize from a PC to a Tablet. Then someone lent me one and the experience was most unsatisfactory. So I got a new PC

  bumpkin 22:12 05 Apr 2017

* that stupid setup using a hose and box*

Not seen one Brumas but pretty useless I would think unless your tumbler HAS to on an internal wall.

  bumpkin 22:18 05 Apr 2017

Never had a NAS drive, not even sure what it does, perhaps I should get one because other people have them. If anyone here has one I would like their comments.

  bumpkin 22:23 05 Apr 2017

I have never had a Bread Maker but a few of my friends have and initially announced how brilliant they are. When I visit them a month later no sign of the thing.

  wee eddie 22:26 05 Apr 2017

Basically, a NAS Drive acts as extra storage, available to all the Devices in your household, and also a permanent backup device available to all devices connected to your Network

  Aitchbee 22:34 05 Apr 2017

I bought knee-pads-on-wheels for working on hard floors as I've got dodgy knees. Still in box.

  bumpkin 22:38 05 Apr 2017

wee eddie, so is it just a ssd in a fancy box.

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