How many of us "really need" these huge HDDs?

  wee eddie 14:47 19 Dec 2008

particularly on our Mobile Computers.

Would we not be better served with a Home based HDD and a smaller Solid state one for use on the Road?

Equally, on the Road, we do not really need a DVD Player/Recorder.

Remove those and ones Laptop really become quite light and thin. In fact the only size limitations are the size of keyboard and screen that you want.

What think you?

Or are we stuck in a rut!

  Si_L 15:38 19 Dec 2008

When you can get a Gb of HDD storage for as little as 5p, it would seem daft not to get a huge HDD. A solid state makes sense on the road, as it reduces the strain on the battery. But I wouldn't buy a laptop without a DVD player/recorder. I can think of loads of reasons for one on the road.

Also, we aren't really limited by the keyboard and screen. Apple have shown just how thin they can make a screen, and a keyboard isn't really that thick. I think you are forgetting all the other parts that a computer needs to run, most of all the battery, which, with every laptop I've seen, tends to take up a fair share of room. The bottom line is, yes, you could have a thinner laptop if you removed the DVD player, but I would rather just put up with a few mm's extra thickness to be honest.

  bremner 15:38 19 Dec 2008

Hardly.... all of what you describe is already out there if someone wants it.

Apple, HP and Sony to name but three manufacturers already provide ultra light laptops.

  Pine Man 15:41 19 Dec 2008

They are called netbooks.

  perpetual motion 15:50 19 Dec 2008

i looked at a £1400 pc (desktop) last night & was very supprised to see it have 1.5TB of space (1500Gig)..omg

  interzone55 15:56 19 Dec 2008

I think the best option for mobile computing is a netbook like the Asus Eee PC. These have a nice small screen, and very small hard drive, no DVD, and no Windows. So they're cheap.

Then at home have a docking station plugged into a large monitor and USB hard drive or NAS storage.

An even better idea would be a monitor that includes a built in docking station - simply slide the netbook into the back of the screen and it becomes a PC.

Apple have patented something like this for their MacBooks but they've not launched it yet.

The only problem with netbooks is their 10" screens, 1024 x 600 screen resolution and maximum 1gb RAM - this is a restriction imposed by Microsoft for models running XP.

For anyone who needs a bigger screen the the Lenovo X300 is the daddy click here

  interzone55 17:22 19 Dec 2008

The ultra-portible laptops are expensive because the custom components are more expensive, not because they contain less components...

  Forum Editor 18:05 19 Dec 2008

nobody has managed to come up with the ideal ultra-portable device so far. I've tried just about everything that has come along, including a couple of the latest crop of ultra-portable laptops, but they all fall at one fence or another - it's a holy grail search if ever there was one.

I'm waiting (none too patiently) for that perfect device, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. It will run a version of Windows Mobile, with a nice lean version of Microsoft Office Mobile pre installed. There'll be a solid state drive of around 20Gb, be wireless-capable, have a decent little keyboard that doesn't require its user to have hands the size of a baby's, a high-quality touch screen that can display a web page without the need for a magnifying glass, and have lots of input options - USB is essential. There'll be drivers for all the mobile networks' mobile broadband dongles, and a card slot. The battery life will be around three to four hours, and the whole lot will slip into a jacket pocket. It will be built like a swiss watch, and look like it means business - no tacky plastic hinges that break within a week, please, a titanium or polycarbonate shell will do nicely.
It doesn't have to be a phone as well - I already have an excellent phone that receives and makes my calls.

Offer me that device at a price point under £300, and I'll be waiting outside the shop at opening time.

  AL47 18:08 19 Dec 2008

i swapped my laptops dvd drive out for a second hard drive, that way i can keep any films on there at 1-2gb each in mp4 high quality, plus it gives me 500gb space and a backupdrive

  Forum Editor 18:29 19 Dec 2008

An excellent move.....until you want to install some new software. I suppose you could always carry the DVD drive around with you.

  canarieslover 19:26 19 Dec 2008

So many laptops are now used as desktop replacements as they do no clutter up the house. They are easy to slide out of sight when not being used and with a wireless connection can be used in any room, even the garden in summer. A walk into Curry's and Comet this week, shopping for something else, revealed that there are a greater number of laptops available than desktops. They are just'The In Thing' now and as they are available with such good specs they don't become yesterdays PC quite so quickly as they once did.

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