How many unfinished projects started but abandoned

  bumpkin 21:29 15 Sep 2018

Have any of you or do you know someone that has taken on a project with great enthusiasm but lost interest and never finished it. Many years back a friend of mine decided to build a small hovercraft, spent a fortune then just left it halfway through. My daughter bought a big dolls house with great plans and designs, I helped her to start with but not been touched for 2 years. Known a few people that have started to renovate old cars until they get bored with it.

  Brumas 21:50 15 Sep 2018

bumpkin, the dualling of the A1 past Alnwick springs to mind!! ;o}

  bumpkin 22:01 15 Sep 2018

A good example but I was thinking on a smaller scale. Lack of finance is a good reason but I was thinking more of those that just lose interest or find they have taken on more than they imagined.

  Aitchbee 22:07 15 Sep 2018

Without wishing to sound too elitist, I kinda know my own personal limitations, so would never embark on any such grandiose or flight-of-fancy escapades by myself.

Clearing my house of clutter is presently an on-going, long-term real-life, project, but with a-little-help-from-my friends 'n' family, I will see it through to the bitter end. [TIC not]

Creative Visualisation is a wonderful thing, bumpkin.

  bumpkin 22:33 15 Sep 2018

Creative Visualisation is a wonderful thing

Yes it is and we all need it. I have had and still have many visions of things I would like to do but realize that in reality it will never happen.

  Menzie 02:47 16 Sep 2018

I've got two projects, both revolve around computer systems.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 motherboard when they were current, a while back with the intention of building a laptop as a project. The Pi is still in the box.

I also purchased an Amiga 1200 on eBay with the aim of putting it in a tower. Something I've always wanted to do with an Amiga since 1997 but never got around to it. The Amiga 1200 still sits there untouched.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 16 Sep 2018

Lots in mind never started because those I've started are never finished. :0)

I can't help but keep tweaking and improving those that I supposedly have finished.

  MJS WARLORD 13:13 16 Sep 2018

The reason projects remain unfinished is because people don't dig deep enough before starting. Here is a good example , I just replaced my 30 year old patio but having done it once I knew what was ahead of me. For those of you who never done one it's not just about laying slabs of concrete. This is what you do. Remove turf , level ground , lay a hard core base and compact it , make a ground plan , when laying slabs did you realise you might break some when cutting them in areas where full ones don't fit , plant shrubs , compact the ground where you are going to put slate chips then compact the chippings to make them look neat , plant spring bulbs under slate and gravel pockets , set up an umbrella type bird feeder and be prepared to keep spraying dropped seed with weed killer , be prepared to let steam come out of your ears the first time a bird drops one on you nice new patio. Then and only then can you sit back and enjoy all your hard work. DO YOU STILL WANT TO BUILD A PATIO ?

Footnote just recently I have to log in at least 3 times before I can add to a posting

  bumpkin 14:05 16 Sep 2018

" people don't dig deep enough before starting."

About 6inches should be ok for a patio.

  Pine Man 14:26 16 Sep 2018

Footnote just recently I have to log in at least 3 times before I can add to a posting

Probably one of the best known unfinished projects is - Tech Advisor!

  Old Deuteronomy 16:41 18 Sep 2018

For some time I have been going to build myself a workbench, for woodwork. After much umming and ahing and, looking at the price of beech to make a good solid, heavy bench that won't move, I have decided not to. Going to buy one from Axminster Tools and Machinery instead. Otherwise though, once I finally get round to doing something, I do get it finished.

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