How many times have you been to PC Forum

  Migwell 07:16 04 Nov 2004

I have been on 889 times with this name that was after a holiday of about 6 month with a diferent name. And I think I was on about 50 or so. Reason to change names was that after 6 Month I could not remember what I use for a name and password, so just started again.

Should have made this one post with the one above. Sorry

  watchful 08:20 04 Nov 2004

I have been here 1.480 times with this name and had a short time about 2 years ago with another name which I can't remember and it dropped off the end of 'My Postings' ages ago.

  jack 08:31 04 Nov 2004

This thread has gone around a few times as various of us notch up what they think is some sort of record, usually 1000.

Now my 'clock' says 738, most of which since I got to logging on every day earlier this year, although I poked around from time time to time for the past few years.

However, the clock does not equate to visits, I believe, because I mostly let the machine Hiberhate, when it is time for me to hit the sack, I very often reactviate next day and come back to the same page, and it up dates.
So how many visits?
Who can tell, but something new every trip is gauranteed.

  recap 09:43 04 Nov 2004

I have logged in 1,879 times, but this does not mean I have posted answers or questions that many times. (I registered either late 1999 or early 2000 when there was only a few thousand members (FE what was my registration date please?)). Somedays I do not get the time to respond to any questions or even view any.

I give thanks to this Forum for helping me to gain the knowlegde I have to-date, without which I do not think I would be in my current role as an IT Manager.

  Sethhaniel 10:10 04 Nov 2004

but I usually log on at 8am and leave it on in another window till 4:30pm so I can keep switching and be up to 'gen' on what computers are not doing these days ;)
So the true log ons is a bit deceptive ;)

  Jackcoms 15:00 04 Nov 2004

700 times as at 14:39 today - and that's a true 700 because I always log out after each visit!

  Forum Editor 16:06 04 Nov 2004

is not really that meaningful,and here's why:-

Lots of people with broadband connections login once a day, and stay connected until they go to bed - others, on dial up connections, log in and out many times a day. The dial-up people will therefore notch up a higher number of visits, although they may not participate as much as a broadband user.

  end 18:28 04 Nov 2004

as someone has said on a similar thread, its not how many times you log in as to what you do when yu are logged in; and I am on BB but, with my system , each time I move away from the forum to answer an e mail or look for something , I have to log back in again; so my display for FE may look "interesting " for logging in and out and in:)

I am not particularly bothered about my notched up numbers, as they bear little reflection on my board activity..

  sean-278262 18:50 04 Nov 2004

145 logins but as FE has said already, like most people I mostly I log in and am more of a turn on and stay on. Thanks to Broadband for that. Think before then I had a different login and lost that due to forgetting my login etc with about 50 logins. Overall have been on for about a couple of thousand hours under my 3 login names so far.

But the idea of the forum is to help I generally am on the recieving end of the help, but try to help out where I can to "pay my way" for all the help people here have provided me. Its not about how long someone has been logging on for, even the longest lasting members need help sometimes and often they get stumped for a solution to problems.

We are a community and help each other out, we are trying to make everyones experience of this modern wonder as trouble free as posible.

I have found that this forum is a marvel for information. Its the reason I have stayed faithful to it for nearly 3 years now. Its great to look at old postings and learn from them to find out the solutions people have used.

  It's Me 20:00 04 Nov 2004

I'm a bit like end, in that if I use my connection to go to another site, I lose my connection to here, although I can use my Email and not lose it.
this is annoying when I want to look something up on the internet, but I don't seem to be able to do otherwise. (I'm on BB, by the way)

  watchful 20:07 04 Nov 2004

I don't know if it's the same for BB people but I open up another webpage on top of this one, sometimes I have a few running on top of each other and I use the back button to return to an earlier page, then refresh it.
Sometimes though, I accidentally disconnect all of them by going to the little red cross in the corner!

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