How Many Stuck in the Snow?

  ulrich 18:34 17 Dec 2009

Unnecessary journeys will be made tomorrow if the snow is as bad as they say? I dread all the moaners who get stuck.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:43 17 Dec 2009

Here in South Somerset we have had several flakes of snow today.

Don't think I will get stuck!

  wiz-king 18:52 17 Dec 2009

There were quite a few having trouble this morning - the slush from yesterdays snow and rain froze!

  Noldi 19:03 17 Dec 2009

Here we go again the only country in Europe that cannot handle a bit of snow. Last night here we had -10 and about 10cm snow and no problems getting to work this morning. When will they get winter tyres???. bellow 7 deg they operate better than summer tyres so it does not just make driving safer in snow.


  csqwared 19:44 17 Dec 2009

to make it worthwhile taking appropriate measures. Applies to the average driver and councils alike - it's just not viable to spend loadsa money on something that, nowadays, rarely occurs. If anything a few hours on a skid pan is probably the best way to economically prepare yourself for this kind of weather and have a refresher every now and again.

  AL47 19:57 17 Dec 2009

i could dop with some winter tyres now lol, i got quite racy toyos on atm from summer but gives me an excuse to miss work, my car is too low to get throuh much :D

  morddwyd 20:17 17 Dec 2009

"the only country in Europe that cannot handle a bit of snow"

Malta struggles a bit!

Also I was once in Rome when it snowed (I have a photo of the Trevi fountain covered in snow), they struggled a bit too.

  spuds 22:32 17 Dec 2009

A number of years ago, we had friends who had emigrated to Canada, and were on an home visit to the UK. They got stranded in London, because the rail companies had stated that the services couldn't run, due to the wrong type of snow and/or leaves on the rails. They were utterly ashamed as to how the UK had gone down the pan, that they decided never to bother to visit again.

  Forum Editor 22:46 17 Dec 2009

for various reasons, have no choice about whether or not they go out in the snow tomorrow. I'm one of them, and so is my wife. Like lots of others we have work obligations - she to her patients and me to my clients. Quite apart from that, if we don't work we don't get paid.

The country can't just stop functioning because a little bit of snow falls, and I'll feel free to moan about the weather if I want to.

  wiz-king 07:29 18 Dec 2009

A bit of snow down round Surrey/Kent/Sussex this morning, started a 9 last night and put about 4" down. Just heard Gatwick planes being diverted.

  Forum Editor 07:39 18 Dec 2009

on the London edge of Surrey. There's only a light dusting of snow, but it's bitterly cold in the wind. One look at the sky tells me that there's probably some more snow about to fall.

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