How many PCs/laptops do you have?

  PC Advisor 09:25 25 May 2010

How many PCs and laptops are currently in use in your household?

Answer the poll on the left, and discuss the results here

  jack 09:31 25 May 2010

two desk top this GP one and aanother for grphics only - not connected to Broadband.

Where is the Poll url?
Not seen on the left

  shellship 09:37 25 May 2010

One desktop for my wife, one DT for me and one Asus EE for my wife.

  egapup 09:42 25 May 2010

Three desk tops and a cupboard full of bits my wife hates.

  Armchair 09:54 25 May 2010

One desktop, in it's 8th year. Don't need mobility. Don't need anything more powerful.

  Chegs ®™ 10:41 25 May 2010

2 desktops & a laptop(and a mobile phone that's more powerful than my 1st ever desktop PC)

  Seth Haniel 11:00 25 May 2010

snap :)

  Noldi 11:18 25 May 2010

In our house including 2 laptops that are supplied by my Sons and my employers 6. Thats 4 Laptops 2 Desktops (1 being a CAD station).


  bremner 11:44 25 May 2010

Two Windows laptops, one windows netbook, two Windows desktops, an iMac and a MacBook Pro.

and loads of bits.

  Strawballs 12:00 25 May 2010

2 Desktops and 2 laptops in use and various old cases and bits in loft ideal for making up for kids to learn on.

  gaucho. 12:02 25 May 2010

3 desktops, one just built by myself i7 cpu with 6Gb of ram for programming and graphics work.
3 windows laptops
2 mac books
3 netbooks

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