How many PCs do u have?

  Marko797 12:28 22 Jun 2008

Years ago it seemed pretty ludicrous to suggest that the average household would have/need more than one PC. In fact, some households didn't have one at all.

Projections, by those who were 'in the know', suggested multiple PCs per household, if memory serves me right. In my particular case, this has been borne out. We have 3, comprising 1 desktop, and 2 laptops. How did we ever manage before?

How many in your house?

  [email protected] 12:34 22 Jun 2008

1 laptop, 1 32 bit xp pc, 1 64 bit ex vista now xp pc.

  Legolas 12:35 22 Jun 2008

2 One desktop (seldom used) and 1 laptop (constantly used)

  sunny staines 13:07 22 Jun 2008

vista desktop selfbuilt

& a sony xp mediacentre laptop for the wife

  spuds 13:52 22 Jun 2008

Three desktops,one laptop. Plus one fully working original Amstrad and one Sinclair Spectrum, as essential standbys :O).

  The Old Mod 14:03 22 Jun 2008

2, one desktop, self built & one Sony laptop.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:26 22 Jun 2008

My partner has a new Dell laptop and I have a, self built, pc.

  iqs 14:56 22 Jun 2008

Two PC's(one self built) and one Laptop,and a new arrival which requires attention

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 22 Jun 2008

Medion 8086 desktop running XP home
3 other self built desktops
1 win98, 1 ME, 1 XP pro.
HP laptop running win2k
spectrum 128k
and a spectrum +2.

for work puposes
1 Tempus 286 "laptop" circa 1988/9 (its bigger than my current Medion desktop) - Dos5
1 Tempus 486 laptop quarter the size of the above - Dos 6.2
1 486 laptop running windows 3.11
486 desktop running windows95
HP laptop running windows95 circa 1998
IBM Thinkpad T30 (need the serial ports) running XP
Compaq desktop running XP

  mrwoowoo 15:20 22 Jun 2008

Did have 3 desktops but the mother in law has just blagged one off me )O:!

  crosstrainer 15:24 22 Jun 2008

3 desktop's, 2 running Vista, one running XP Pro.
1 laptop running XP MCE

2 new mobo's in boxes awaiting next builds.

In the workshop? Too many to count!

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