How many miles do you have?

  Blackhat 14:51 16 Jun 2012

Well done this guy.1 million miles

I tend to buy from a local reputable small dealer about every 2-3 years, usually an 03-05 plate with about 80K on the clock, never priced more than £1500 and always in good nick. My current 53 plate rover 75 has done 120K and running well. He knows the history of the cars so I always get a good trade in deal.

You would have never touched a car with that mileage 20 years ago.

Last year I sold one of my company trucks (S reg long wheel base transit, drop side) with 1/4M on the clock and still running.

  SB23 15:14 16 Jun 2012

My current car, a Renault espace, will hit the 100k this week. The most mileage I've ever had was a "G" reg astra that I sold with a 140k on the clock, and it ran for years after.

  ams4127 15:46 16 Jun 2012

I scrapped my last car, an "N" reg Nissan Primera, with 233,000 miles on the clock.

The engine was still as sweet as a nut but the chassis was in an advanced atate of collapse and would have taken many pounds to repair.

  spuds 16:18 16 Jun 2012

I have been very lucky with a variety of vehicles, most ended up in the 150.000/200.000 mile range and still running well, when taken off the road, usually to increasing bodywork problems.

One of the vehicles that I have now is clocking up on the 153.000 mile mark, but over the past 3/4 years I have used the vehicle very sparingly, with less than 1.000 miles per year added extra on the clock.

I wonder what some of the vehicles in Cuba have clocked. Some very old vintage models still in daily use there.

When I hear stories of this kind, I always think of Trigger in Only Fools and Horses, who had the same sweeping brush for years, but apparently had a few changes of heads and tails ;o)

  Blackhat 16:32 16 Jun 2012

Spuds, remember that well. You tube clip

  Forum Editor 18:11 16 Jun 2012

We had a Volvo Wentworth estate in the family that had 170,000 miles on it when it was finally laid to rest. Various family members drove it since new, and the bodywork was still in superb condition at the end of its life. It needed a new turbo and gearbox, and the Volvo agent said it wasn't worth the cost.

A million miles is quite something, and is a testament to the way auto-engineering has progressed.

  Bingalau 21:32 16 Jun 2012

My sister-in-law has had a Nissan Micra for thirteen years. In that time she has totalled 17,000 miles, which works out at approx 1,308 miles per year. She has kept this vehicle in a garage and looks after it like a baby. Take my word for it that it is as good as new. There is not a scratch on it anywhere. When she takes it for its MOT the bloke in the garage just laughs and says "Hope you haven't overdone the mileage this year?"

I got on to one of those internet sites that gives a value according to the registration number, they gave me a quote of £332.05p I am mightily puzzled at the 05p part of the price. Of course she has no intention of selling it and I have told her how brilliant a car it is for its age. A few more years and it will be worth the proverbial bomb.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:44 16 Jun 2012

At the moment I'm currently driving a volvo FH12 440(Thats a high cab 12 litre 440 hp engine) that has just over 1.4 million kms on the clock. It's been double shifted, running night and day with two drivers, and although the interior looks a bit tired, especially the drivers seat, it still runs as sweet as a sewing machine, and I would have no hesitation in running down to southern europe in it.

Oh, and it's a 56 plate.


  Chegs ®™ 21:58 18 Jun 2012

When I had my taxi business I was buying ex=rep cars with avearage of 100,000 miles on,the petrol engined mondeo I drove myself and apart from a regularly failing electronic gizmo that stopped it stalling when the power steering pump operated(causing it to stall,which I decided added character rather than keep forking out £80 to have it replaced)had 280,000 miles on it when I sold it to a mate(I told him it'd been serviced regularly)who promtly boiled it dry & ruined the engine as he couldn't be bothered to even check the fluids regularly,the diesel mondeo had slightly more miles on it when bought(130k)but had 470,000 miles on it when it was scrapped as the engine was so badly worn it would take several minutes(upto 20 in cold weather)cranking on the starter motor and once running was so utterly feeble power output that if the driver was unfortunate enough to pick up 4 burly passengers,they'd almost have to get out and push to get up the hills.

  flycatcher1 09:59 19 Jun 2012

My wife has a Real Mini, C Reg, with 22000 miles on the clock. She bought it when it was a year old having done 9000 miles. You do the sums!

It costs a lot to run per mile but gives her individual freedom which is greatly valued.

  Quickbeam 10:08 19 Jun 2012

2006 VW Touran: 176,000 miles.

2nd gearbox, 3rd cambelt kit, 3rd clutch, full suspension bush replacements, unpteen tyre sets, it's only halfway through it's life with me while there's a recession on.

Thank god they don't make 'em like they used to!

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