How Many Icons Do You Have On Your Desktop?

  babybell 14:12 28 May 2010

The reason I ask is that I am a terribly tidy person when it comes to my PC and as a result I only have 5 icons on my desktop.

1) My Computer
2) My Documents
3) Firefox
4) T-Mobile Dongle Icon
5) Recycle Bin

My boss' desktop by comparrison has no free space on it whatsoever and makes me shudder whenever I see it!

Last night a friend came over and commented on just how incredibly tidy my desktop was, which got me thinking...

Am I in the norm, or is a cluttered desktop more common that I imagine?

  Clapton is God 14:23 28 May 2010

"I am a terribly tidy person when it comes to my PC"

Does that mean that you're untidy elsewhere?

  babybell 14:24 28 May 2010

Definately, I tend to be messy around the house but once in a blue moon I will suddenly get an urge to clean and I will make everything sparkling clean again. Doesn't happen very often.

My PC though is a different story, I hate it being cluttered.

  MAT ALAN 14:50 28 May 2010

NONE.. they are all in my systray...

Pointless having a nice wallpaper on your desktop cluttered by icons...

  shellship 14:59 28 May 2010

Too many

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:06 28 May 2010

This come a close second in the bizarre list to the Cello question.


  mr simon 16:02 28 May 2010

My desktop doesn't have any icons, they are just a click away pinned to the start menu. I use my own abstract art as a background and dont want icons ruining it.

  STREETWORK 17:12 28 May 2010


27 program icons
6 shortcuts to folders
14 word, excel, pdf files


there's some sort of picture in the background...

My house is spotless through if thats a help...

  acein1 17:59 28 May 2010

1 the recycle bin

  Legolas 18:53 28 May 2010

22 and counting. I normally wait till there are quite a few more then move them all into a folder I creare on my desktop

  jack 09:57 29 May 2010

The desktop of many of my flock when asked to administer to it- to have to wade through masses of 'stuff' that should not be there - emails, documents, and so forth-
There they stand by me, having to guide my hand through this mess so that I can get started on the problem.
I bet they think 'And he is supposed to know about computers'.

'Keep it simple' is my motto
here is my desktop
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

All the program icons and documents are in their folders.
And I minimize what is running at any one time.

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