How many heart pitter patter events can one

  jack 20:29 07 Oct 2010

take in one week?
It is only Thursday and so far I have had three.
1.Tuesday/Wed morning sound asleep when -THWACK and a metallic BOING something hit my head- awoke with heart pounding- wassat- roof gone, meteorite, I am being attacked in my own home.

2 Wednesday evening went to kitchen get get my self a little nibble- busy preparing it when snap -total darkness-Power gone - Nope light on in lounge - Oh! the light in kitchen- new -had a tussle fixing it up- check switch - not on - NOT ON!

3 Tonight thirty minutes ago - boot up computer and await for it to awake from hibernate - nozzing- reboot - nozzing- whats going on?
Well nothing very exiting as it turned out - but in that instant- phew!
And the Answers!
1. the wall mounted uplight over the bed has a snap on painted metal shade - it decided to 'unsnap and clonk me one.

2 Went into kitchen fully alight- through the window from my neighbours kitchen light- they switched it off - the rotters.

3. Whilst waiting for the computer to awake - I fiddled with the monitor dusting off the screen and managed to switch it off.

Whats next?

  lucky1 20:54 07 Oct 2010

I can send you some diazepam!!!

  spuds 23:10 07 Oct 2010

I would get a priest in, you have a poltergeist ;o))

  morddwyd 08:55 08 Oct 2010

And even if you haven't it's best to be prepared!

  jakimo 13:12 08 Oct 2010

keep taking the tablets

STOP taking the tablets!

STOP taking the tablets!

  johndrew 14:58 08 Oct 2010

"keep taking the tablets"

"STOP taking the tablets!"

Depends what's in the tablets!!

  jack 20:05 08 Oct 2010

I take eight a day from 4 types.
last night I went out for a meal and forgot the evening dose[4]
I did not get a pitter patter last night
but if I sop they tell me I will go blind and my toes will drop off.
such a dilemma!

  BT 08:46 09 Oct 2010

Only 8!!

I have 10 of 8 different types plus an unspecified number of painkillers - including Codeine - depending on my pain levels that day.

  morddwyd 08:59 09 Oct 2010

"but if I sop they tell me I will go blind and my toes will drop off.
such a dilemma!"

Could be worse.

They may have said you will go blind OR your toes will drop off.

An even bigger dilemma!

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