How many FE are there really?

  eqskey 21:08 28 Feb 2006

Surely our hardworking FE Peter Thomas cannot edit this forum 24/7?Therefore,who are the other fe's?
In other similar and busy forums it takes many fe's to oversee the forum activity.And in doing so they respond with an individual identity.
One coincidence I have noticed is that a fair few members have responded to some of posts using almost identical words like so~
"If you have some useful advice to offer then by all means do so, otherwise it would be better to say nothing".
And these are Peter's words.Just curious.

  Newuser38 21:19 28 Feb 2006

click here the answer from the horse's mouth, as they say

  eqskey 21:35 28 Feb 2006

Thankyou Newuser38
But does he have a lot of 'look-outs'?
I have been told on a few occasions that members have complained about my posts!But have you really known the British to actually bother to complain?Especially when one has'nt broke any of the cardinal rules,in reality!

  anskyber 21:45 28 Feb 2006

Looks like a major case of paranoia to me. In my experience the FE contribution has a common "personality" which is hard to replicate by others. Yep there will be others but I suspect rather like with a ships captain they report to the captain with limited full control of the vessel. And before I am accused of being some closet supporter of FE (although I am happy with his navigation) I in my time have been rebuked. It is his forum after all!

  eqskey 21:48 28 Feb 2006

OOO thankyou sir.Ooo yessss.

  anskyber 21:56 28 Feb 2006

Er, is that meant to mean anything? Perhaps you will translate for me or have another go at communicating in a way that the rest of us can understand. Signing off.

  De Marcus™ 22:10 28 Feb 2006

eqskey, gone baiting again have we?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:17 28 Feb 2006

Peter Hitchens 1, eqskey )


  €dstowe 22:27 28 Feb 2006

This forum belongs to a published magazine and, as such there are paid staff involved in both the magazine and this forum. You can find out who some of these are by looking click here

In addition, I'm sure that some of the more mature (either in age or outlook) members of the forum keep an eye on things and report untoward goings on. I have even been known to complain about some aspects of certain posts or posters - usually in regard to inappropriate monikers or thread content unsuitable for a family show. Don't get me wrong here, I'm as broadminded as anyone but, it has to be borne in mind that an important part of the membership here comprises young people. I know full well that they are aware of, and most likely use the words and expressions I have privately complained about but, it shouldn't be seen that a responsible forum, like this one tries to be, encourages anything which is less than socially acceptable.

  Forum Editor 23:38 28 Feb 2006

when I'm not around is that other people check the forum at regular intervals. Some of the magazine staff have the ability to delete posts if they feel that they're inappropriate, and sometimes that does happen.

More often than not they'll pass me a note however, and leave it to me to handle the situation. One of the things that keeps me sane is the way that over the years the magazine has allowed me a virtually free hand when it comes to running the forum, and I appreciate their trust. In fact I doubt that I could do it any other way. I've worked with other forums in the past, and had various clients breathing down my neck. That just doesn't work for me, and I would rather call it a day than be in that situation again.

So, eqskey, you have me and me alone to deal with, and we'll get along just fine, so long as you respect the ethos of the forum - which has evolved over the past five years. Posts like your last one aren't exactly what I have in mind, but you'll get the hang of it, once you've been with us a while.

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