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How many devices do you add to one power socket?

  simonjary 06:47 08 Sep 2017

We looked at how many things you can plug into one power connector and I was wondering which forum user has the most devices plugged into a single power socket?

  Forum Editor 18:28 21 Sep 2017

You're telling me. Sometimes when I'm travelling I almost feel like a charger salesman, I have so many. Fortunately, simonjary told me about a superb backpack a while ago, and I manage to get everything in without any bother.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 21 Sep 2017

UK electricity usage per capita has double since 1960 then 2,500Kw now 5,000Kw

However France and Germany have gone from 1,500Kw to 7,000Kw

As for battery run gadgets, good job there is a chance of Lithium mining in Cornwall

  Devil Fish 20:52 21 Sep 2017

1 socket with 10 way surge protector Has PC tower unit ,Monitor, Speakers,2x powered external hard drives,laptop (replacement desktop its a chunky 17inch )and 2 phone chargers.(will add it is unplugged from socket whilst we are sleeping or not in the house)

  bumpkin 20:53 21 Sep 2017

An interesting post Fruit Bat.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:17 21 Sep 2017

Lorraine Baines-McFly


  Menzie 17:29 22 Sep 2017

Doesn't surprise me that electricity usage has gone up.

My old computer in the 90s was a Commodore Amiga which used around 15W of electricity. Now my PC has a 600W supply and uses around 500 of it.

  john bunyan 18:15 22 Sep 2017

Wait till we mostly have electric cars - the per caput usage will shoot up; whether there will be enough generation capacity remains to be seen.

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