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How many devices do you add to one power socket?

  Anon-340945 06:47 08 Sep 2017

We looked at how many things you can plug into one power connector and I was wondering which forum user has the most devices plugged into a single power socket?

  Anon-311782 09:06 08 Sep 2017

Too many to count, but I have two 10 gang extension towers (both individually fused, I hasten to add!) and one of them is full.

  Anon-186823 09:12 08 Sep 2017

Maximum for me is about ten devices via a six-way socket strip [with surge protection] plus additional 2 x three-way plugs attached to the strip.

  Anon-264101 11:52 08 Sep 2017

We live in a 1980s house so you would think it would be reasonably well served with sockets, but there was one outlet in the hall which I've changed to a double outlet.

The hall is the least used space in the house but the landline phone requires power as does the house alarm, then there's the door bell receiver, the weather station and the air freshener not forgetting that the vacuum cleaner requires a outlet now and again.

It has been worse, we also had a stair lift for an elderly relative at one time that required power and the modem resides elsewhere with an extended phone line.

Not a record by any means but demonstrates the need for power outlets in even lightly used space and the inadequate provision of them in probably most houses.

  Anon-281249 13:50 08 Sep 2017

Power Strips have been a game changer. One should no longer need to have a Christmas Tree based on a wobbly Adaptor Plug.

To my way of thinking, anyone that does not have their all low power (I'm not including Heaters, Fires and Hair Dryers) Equipment on a Surge Protected Power Strip, is one step short of the Funny Farm.

  Anon-319210 15:57 08 Sep 2017

Hope you are not "daisy chaining" your power strips to run all your gadgets :0(

IS your power socket on the ring main or a spur off another socket? adding a power strip is like adding another set of "spurs".

My "office" (back bedroom) originally had one single socket on the ring main, I have since rewired the room to give 2 double sockets on the ring. Especially as I need to run a Homplug direct in a socket and not on a strip.

Heat in the cable of a coiled extension lead (as per your article) is not just why they melt.

The magnetic field generated round the conductor on the first winding of the coiled cable, as current passes though, interacts with the mag field on the second winding and so on. What you get is a "transformer effect" increasing the current / voltage thus causing it to melt.

  Anon-281249 16:28 21 Sep 2017

Menzie: Aye, but nothing with a particularly high Power Consumption.

So long as you haven't put a Nail across the Fuse, you'll be fine

  Anon-338298 18:05 21 Sep 2017

Interestingly, we discussed this subject at some length, over 12 years ago.

  Anon-319210 18:21 21 Sep 2017

Yes but we have a lot more gadgets to plug in now :0)

  Anon-338298 18:28 21 Sep 2017

You're telling me. Sometimes when I'm travelling I almost feel like a charger salesman, I have so many. Fortunately, simonjary told me about a superb backpack a while ago, and I manage to get everything in without any bother.

  Anon-319210 19:14 21 Sep 2017

UK electricity usage per capita has double since 1960 then 2,500Kw now 5,000Kw

However France and Germany have gone from 1,500Kw to 7,000Kw

As for battery run gadgets, good job there is a chance of Lithium mining in Cornwall

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