how long will royal mail keep a tracked parcel for if undelivered (japan to uk)?

  theDarkness 18:41 26 Mar 2013

I am wondering how long the mail will keep a tracked parcel for, if I am not there to receive it?

I am also wondering how long it might take a parcel to be delivered from japan to the uk. It was sent yesterday. I am hoping it doesnt arrive too soon-I am leaving here from the 5th until the 15th, but I do not know what delivery service was chosen other than being a tracked service. The item was free delivery, so I am assuming it wont arrive within the next couple of days :)

That may not help much, but I have heard that if it hasnt been sent via special delivery, the tracking number I have been given will be useless, and will not show any parcels current location, until delivered.

The royal mail website offers a 'keepsafe' service in which they will keep your parcel for 17 days minimum, which is a bit of a scam only being available via premium rate call centres and (laughably) by post :) I just dont want any parcel ending up being sent all the way back. Thanks for any info

  carver 18:52 26 Mar 2013

If you are not going to be here then go to your local delivery office and tell them, 1 it will save then trying to deliver and 2 they will then save it for you till you return.

  spuds 20:25 26 Mar 2013

I have a number of items delivered from overseas, and not all are delivered by Royal Mail. DHL Global will usually deliver to a UK address via a local contract or courier.

America, about 3 days, but can be more. Hong Kong 7 days to 21 days. So if can and does vary. There are a number of countries, that can be a real pain, and royal Mail should have these listed. Holidays is another thing.

Other problems might be UK duties and handling charges, so no item will be released until these are paid.

You can get items delivered to your local Post Office for about 50pence handling, but my local Post Office only as limited storage space. not sure about Royal Mails storage, I think it use to be something like 15 days before they start thinking about sending the item back?.

Best to check with the sender, and perhaps go from there?.

  theDarkness 23:31 26 Mar 2013

I found it its Registered sal mail (sal, not snail), a registered economy international mail, which Im guessing will be dealt with via royal mail. It does state 'special services mail' but I dont know if thats what they label themselves or the delivery type. Its being tracked well via their website.

I'll get in contact with the local RM here to find out if they will keep it without any further charges. It may depend on what staff member I get to talk to. They hopefully dont know anything about their keepsafe service and feel inclined to tell me all about it as being 'the only option' :) thanks

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