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How long will "panic" buying last?

  wee eddie 10:26 20 Mar 2020

It is not the whole of the Nation that is packing it's Larder Shelves.

Assuming that the Supermarket shelves are being restocked on a regular basis, do you think that some sort of normality will resume.

After all, How many Rolls of Loo paper does one need.

  Brumas 21:43 29 Mar 2020

On hindsight I should have waited until April 1st.....

  Forum Editor 22:38 29 Mar 2020

"My wife is on the “most vulnerable “ list but there seems no way of letting supermarkets know."

The government will be letting them know. If your wife is registered with a supermarket she should receive a notification from them. I don't know when this is happening, but I know that it is imminent.

  [DELETED] 11:05 30 Mar 2020

The Morrisson's food box arrived today, a good selection of the basics and well worth getting if stuck for a delivery from your local supermarket.

I've noticed when I open the site it says none are in stock but if left open and refreshed after 30 mins they appear to become available. Paste the address into a new browser window and it shows out of stock again, while the page I'm refreshing still shows them available.

  [DELETED] 11:38 30 Mar 2020

If is definitely a thing, it's 30 mins since I pasted the address from Chrome into Firefox and that too now shows as stock available.

  x13 17:11 31 Mar 2020

If you have a relative that's clinically extremely vulnerable this Gov. site should be useful - link.

  Quickbeam 20:04 31 Mar 2020

Some of the shops are lifting the restrictions on some products so they Must think the panic is over.

The graph on the link is surprisingly close compared to last year’s March sales, to me it looks like we shouldn’t have had any shortages.

click here

  Quickbeam 20:06 31 Mar 2020

Try this one then... href link description here

  Quickbeam 20:07 31 Mar 2020

It’s on the bbc site!

  x13 20:12 31 Mar 2020
  Gordon Freeman 20:16 31 Mar 2020

Edge of the seat stuff on a weekly basis now re; delivery slots with Sainsbury's.

Got an email today saying they'd released some slots...not that many, but as I was home I got the email & logged in straight away & secured one before they vanished.

Gotta keep your wits about you bcos the situation isn't improving.

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