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How long will "panic" buying last?

  wee eddie 10:26 20 Mar 2020

It is not the whole of the Nation that is packing it's Larder Shelves.

Assuming that the Supermarket shelves are being restocked on a regular basis, do you think that some sort of normality will resume.

After all, How many Rolls of Loo paper does one need.

  rickf 20:54 27 Mar 2020

I see that Tesco is bringing in a limit of 80 items per online shop.

80 is still excessive in my opinion. Would have thought 50 would focus people's mind on what they buy on a need rather than want basis.

  Forum Editor 23:07 27 Mar 2020

"Would have thought 50 would focus people's mind on what they buy on a need rather than want basis."

Bear in mind that the item limit applies to individual packs - buy 3 heads of broccoli and that's 3 off your limit, not one. It doesn't take long to reach 80 items I assure you, particularly if you are needing a home delivery and you have just seen that there no more slots available for at least the next three weeks.

  [DELETED] 01:17 28 Mar 2020

Been stuck for a delivery for next 2 weeks and only got half of my last order a week ago.

Not sure if it's been mentioned but Morrison's are offering a 'Food Box' for £35, you don't get to choose what's in it but should contain the essentials for a week.

Been trying for a few days but always out of stock have managed to get an order in for one just now for a delivery on Monday. Might be worth a look if you're struggling.

  Quickbeam 07:27 28 Mar 2020

The 80 item limit has some similarities with the early '70s fuel crisis. At that time there were long lines of cars queuing to keep there cars topped up when they already had 3/4 of a tank.

The garages that most easily solved that were the ones's that put a minimum £5 sale on the pumps. £5 then was about 3/4 of a tank, so if you didn't want to pay way over the odds, you waited until you actually needed fuel. That cured our long queues overnight.

  Forum Editor 09:25 28 Mar 2020

Flat Earther

Do you have a Morrisons delivery pass? I can see one delivery day available in April but when I click it I get a message telling me there are no free slots on that day.

  john bunyan 09:51 28 Mar 2020

I can’t even get onto the ASDA website, never mind get a slot. Sainsbury’s is the same and we live far from a Morrison’s. My wife is in the ultra risk group an I am medically off driving and 83. I am a little surprised that there is no on line priority for the vulnerable as yet. Fortunately relatives have helped so far. I feel very fortunate to have a large garden for exercise etc and am ok for money. I am so sorry for those much worse off, for example those on benefits and or living in high rise blocks with young children , or blind or disabled folk without local relatives. Hopefully the massive increase in volunteers will eventually be coordinated to help such folk with logistics.

  Quickbeam 10:43 28 Mar 2020

I'm currently waiting to hear from the volunteer organisatio GoodSam having volunteered.

They emailed me saying that they are in the process of security checking my identity, they hope to have this operating soon.

  x13 11:03 28 Mar 2020

That's great Quickbeam . Very selfless of you.

  john bunyan 11:17 28 Mar 2020

Well done QB!! If you were near me you could leave your dog with me while you were out!

  Forum Editor 11:22 28 Mar 2020


One of my daughters has done the same thing - she is working at home, so she can't leave her house - she's going to be doing 'check-in and chat' calls to people who are isolating alone, with no relatives or friends to talk to. With luck, things like this will have a legacy effect on society and stand us in good stead for when the next virus event occurs. COVID-19 is not going to be a once and for all virus pandemic - there will almost certainly be others in the future.

It may not happen for years, decades even but it will happen.

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