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How long will "panic" buying last?

  wee eddie 10:26 20 Mar 2020

It is not the whole of the Nation that is packing it's Larder Shelves.

Assuming that the Supermarket shelves are being restocked on a regular basis, do you think that some sort of normality will resume.

After all, How many Rolls of Loo paper does one need.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:49 21 Mar 2020

At least , here, there is no panic buying of some items as in USA!

panic buying of guns

"Ain't no goddamn pinko virus gonna get me, not if I shoot it first."

  john bunyan 11:59 21 Mar 2020

I have booked ASDA delivery for tomorrow and 5 April but no slots available after that in April. No special treatment for us ( 83, 1 kidney etc)

  dagbladet 15:23 21 Mar 2020

There's undoubtedly a degree of hysteria not only in the act of so called panic buying but also the response. There's a story doing the rounds of a kid spending his pocket money on a hoard of toilet rolls and subsequently gave them to pensioners. There are all kinds of ad hoc schemes popping up to get shopping for pensioners and deliver to their door. How does one go about shopping for a bunch of folk without filling a trolley and incurring the wrath of the newly righteous?

  Forum Editor 23:12 21 Mar 2020

Some of the scenes in our supermarkets highlight the astonishing selfishness of those who don't care about anyone but themselves.

My neighbour told me today that he was in a long checkout queue when a child of around eight or nine took a pack of cornflakes from his trolley and ran off into the store. The child was spotted by a member of staff, who followed him back to his mother who was waiting for the loot which she had obviously encouraged her child to take.

A man was assaulted in a supermarket carpark when people spotted him making repeated trips into the store to claim the two-pack ration of toilet rolls and stashing them in his car boot before going back for more. Supermarket security staff became involved, but said there was nothing they could do because the cheat had paid for the goods. He used a different checkout each time, so store staff hadn't realised what he was up to.

Ration books on the horizon?

  Quickbeam 06:33 22 Mar 2020

A 'brood' I believe is the collective for chickens;)

  Forum Editor 07:08 22 Mar 2020

"A 'brood' I believe is the collective for chickens;)"

Only if they are all hens, once there's a cockerel present they are a flock.

  Quickbeam 07:38 22 Mar 2020

Well! We're never too old to learn something new!

  john bunyan 08:24 22 Mar 2020

Watch out or the thread will go off on dozens of examples of collective nouns- murder of crows, Parliament of owls and so on!!

  Quickbeam 08:26 22 Mar 2020

Are those that seek to deviate the topic a 'conspiracy' I wonder...?

  Quickbeam 08:27 22 Mar 2020

What's the collective for hoarders to bring it back on track?

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