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How long will "panic" buying last?

  wee eddie 10:26 20 Mar 2020

It is not the whole of the Nation that is packing it's Larder Shelves.

Assuming that the Supermarket shelves are being restocked on a regular basis, do you think that some sort of normality will resume.

After all, How many Rolls of Loo paper does one need.

  wee eddie 18:24 20 Mar 2020

I think that closing the Served Departments' is an Over-reaction

  Gordon Freeman 20:40 20 Mar 2020

I think they are planning to perma close deli counters, & I'm sure it's planned to close in-store bakeries. It's either staff redeployment or staff reduction.

  mikef. 20:46 20 Mar 2020

My local Tesco closed the Deli counter 4 months ago

  Pablo de Catio 22:44 20 Mar 2020


Same here.

  Forum Editor 22:54 20 Mar 2020

"I think that closing the Served Departments' is an Over-reaction"

Demand for these services has been falling for several years, and Tesco closed them in 90 stores in 2018, with reductions in service in many other stores.

It makes sense in the current context to shut them in all stores to free up thousands of workers to concentrate on other things. Supermarket chains are all in need of every worker they can get at the moment.

  martd7 23:31 20 Mar 2020

How long do you think the panic buying will last?

Until the Supermarkets limit the products per person it will not end,Aldi have said today they will be limiting customers to 4 of each item,if they stick to this maybe others will follow

Tesco stated last week they would be limiting products,as did Asda and Morrisons,I've seen no evidence of that in my local stores

  john bunyan 06:46 21 Mar 2020

At least , here, there is no panic buying of some items as in USA!

panic buying of guns

  rickf 08:53 21 Mar 2020

jb, Americans and guns, how predictable.

  BT 09:00 21 Mar 2020

Tesco stated last week they would be limiting products

I don't know if its working In store but certainly on home deliveries its being applied. Had a few items restricted from the things I actually received.

I live fairly close to a large Tesco so there are quite a few local people who work there. One lady who is a .Com picker told me that people were trying to steal things from her picking trolley while she was working. Also staff were patrolling the checkout queues and removing excess items from peoples trollies. Can see violence breaking out at some point from the self entitled prats who think that rules don't apply to them.

  iscanut 10:25 21 Mar 2020

They are just mean, selfish and ignorant people. There is enough food in this country and if everyone behaved sensibly, then tere would be no need for this so called panic buying. My wife & I are both well over 70. We cannot sign up to Sainsbury or Tersco online ( they are full). All our friends and neighbours arte in the same age group so who will do our shopping for us if we are all stuck indoors for 14 days ? I have just been to our local fdarm shop and it is stacked with meat, abundant veg, prepared meals etc but because it may be a bit pricier, there are no queues or panic buying.

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