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How long will "panic" buying last?

  wee eddie 10:26 20 Mar 2020

It is not the whole of the Nation that is packing it's Larder Shelves.

Assuming that the Supermarket shelves are being restocked on a regular basis, do you think that some sort of normality will resume.

After all, How many Rolls of Loo paper does one need.

  john bunyan 12:15 20 Mar 2020

Unfortunately, unless Italian style controls in supermarkets and / or some form of rationing is imposed , there seem to be far too many greedy folk around, so I don’t see , at the moment, much sign in people reducing stocking up. The emergency regulations should include penalties for profiteering.

  Al94 12:21 20 Mar 2020

Absolutely correct jb greed and ignorance abound. Tried standing 2 metres behind someone getting items I wanted and others pushed in which led to a robust exchange!

  Menzie 12:37 20 Mar 2020

I hear the supply chains are strained over in the UK.

We had a spell where there were line-ups outside the supermarket and panic buying but after a few days things have settled and the supermarket is (mostly) well stocked again.

The only item in short supply right now is hand sanitiser.

Tourist spots are empty, restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, non-essential services and more are closed. Even the local news has many of the presenters broadcasting from home.

  mikef. 12:45 20 Mar 2020

Some of these so called panic buyers are buying for cporner shope and will make a killing on what they will charge

  Al94 13:22 20 Mar 2020

Strange that outside the UK this doesn't seems to be happening. Other countries are aghast at what is going on in the UK. Says a lot about what we have become.

  Cymro. 14:13 20 Mar 2020

I wish a T.V. reporter would interview these "hoarders" and ask them why do they do it.

  AroundAgain 14:26 20 Mar 2020

If you go to sBay and search for 'toilet rolls' and set to 'highest plus postage', you will see why some people could be grabbing as many loo rolls as they can!!!

click here disgusting, greedy, selfish, immoral .... I can't believe how low some people will go for money-making schemes. On the other hand, I can't believe anyone would pay such inflated prices.

Calpol is another, on eBay, with stupidly inflated price! :(


  AroundAgain 14:41 20 Mar 2020

I did see that only '1 SHEET' of loo paper was for sale by some idiot. Price was high for that too. It definitely said '1 sheet' !!!

Andrex Toilet Rolls classic clean 16 x 2 Family packs for £64,300.00, plus £10 postage - 45 bids! Starting price of £35.00

Yes, I hope someone is messing up the bids for these, as you suggest, but how does one bid, to mess it all up, and not have to pay for them? Oh, how I wish ... ;)

  Al94 14:43 20 Mar 2020

I read that eBay are disrupting such listings

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:41 20 Mar 2020

Currys have sold out of freezers and are waiting on more stock. so we know where some of the items are going.

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