How long before we see a quantum Computer?

  john bunyan 19:42 19 Nov 2015

I struggle with quantum physics, but I understand that quantum computers are being developed. Although it seems they are a long way ahead, it is always surprising how these developments speed up - my current PC is so much better that the 1.5 Gig HD one I had a few years ago with Jaz SCSI drive cassettes at £60 for 1 Gig.

I understand they will be many orders of magnitude quicker, so most current encryption, relying as it does on large prime numbers , may be easy to crack?

Maybe a view from the resident experts would be more interesting than watching FE's concrete dry?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:05 19 Nov 2015

Couple a quantum computer with fuzzy logic

and we may have A.I. before we know it.

"I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." Richard Feynman, in The Character of Physical Law (1965)

  john bunyan 21:10 20 Nov 2015

I will green tick as there seems to be little interest, even on a Computer magazine forum.

  bumpkin 21:59 20 Nov 2015

How long before we see a quantum Computer?

I think that we will do based on the way technology advances so quickly. Those in the not too distant future will be laughing at even our top range equipment as used by the ""spooks" or top security services if you wish to call it that.

To take it a step further I am not convinced that "Cold Fusion" has not yet been discovered or will be in the future.

  Forum Editor 22:14 20 Nov 2015

"I understand that quantum computers are being developed. Although it seems they are a long way ahead"

Getting closer, perhaps.

  wee eddie 23:02 20 Nov 2015

I thought that I had heard that several of the components needed to be maintained at close to Absolute Zero.

If that is correct it puts something of a damper on the possibility of a domestic market

  bumpkin 00:12 21 Nov 2015

Not if you live in live in Scotland :-)

  bumpkin 00:32 21 Nov 2015

Wee Eddie, we installed some gas pipes many years back and a "Supervisor" wanted them lagged. "Why" asked my mate, the reply was does gas freeze.

Much to my surprise my mate said yes. Lag them then was the response. Not much point really said my mate as will all be dead by then.

  BT 08:13 21 Nov 2015

They showed one on 'Click' on BBC1 this morning. Probably on iPlayer

  Belatucadrus 12:59 21 Nov 2015

Some of the more obscure Quantum theories suggest time is non linear so it's possible that if they get it to work it will be invented last year or in a parallel universe.

Quantum mechanics of time travel

No I have no idea what it means.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 21 Nov 2015

Ideal computer for politicians - as quantum works on it may or may not be there can be positive or negatively charged and you can put a spin on ut either way.


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