How long before we follow Canada's lead?

  oresome 13:20 22 Oct 2018

Cannabis was legalised for recreational use in Canada last week and today I read that an ex met police chief, Bernard Hogan-Howe is calling for a review of the law here.

No doubt law makers from many countries will be watching the situation in Canada with interest over the coming years.

Is there more harm done by the activities associated with the illegal trade in drugs than by their use? Will legalising cannabis stop the illegal trade in other drugs?

I'm rather green in these matters restricting myself to the odd glass of wine.

  Aitchbee 13:44 22 Oct 2018


  1. How long before we follow Canada's lead?


If one replaced the word Canada with USA then it would be lickety-splitly, I reckon.

[... some states in the latter have already legalized the weed, I do believe]

  john bunyan 17:44 22 Oct 2018

I read a newspaper article that said , in essence, if cannabis is an illegal and unhealthy substance then the law should enforced. Just because stabbing in London is out of control, then a similar a argument would be to legalise stabbing- a ridiculous suggestion of coiy.

  Forum Editor 17:55 22 Oct 2018

"Will legalising cannabis stop the illegal trade in other drugs?"

No, it will not.

Legalising Cannabis is, in my opinion, a bad mistake. It sends a signal to young people that it's harmless, and that's not true. In the short term it can affect your ability to drive. Some people experience panic attacks, and/or hallucinations. It can affect your ability to remember events and actions.

Habitual cannabis use can have long-term detrimental effects on health; the main one being a reduced ability to concentrate and learn.

  Quickbeam 06:22 23 Oct 2018

Isn't part of the reasoning that the legal cannabis will be of a controlled constant quality Vs an inconsistent uncontrolled quality?

  wee eddie 10:10 23 Oct 2018

"Possibly" ~ 15 to 20 years

  Menzie 13:15 23 Oct 2018

Britain shouldn't follow Canada's lead, Canada already has three times the fatality rate on the roads compared to Britain.

Making marijuana legal was done for one reason, the first day the stores were open stocks sold out. The profit and taxes the government are making from it is quite high.

Of course it won't stop non-authorised sellers because from what I've been told by those who partake, legal marijuana is far more expensive than the stuff they can get from a dealer.

There have already been fines issued to those driving with containers of marijuana within reach.

Then again maybe my stance is archiac but I don't feel that it should have been legalised.

  QuizMan 21:54 23 Oct 2018

I think there are two questions that I would like answered. Firstly, will it increase the use of cannabis? Second, will it reduce the volume of drug dealing? Very simplistic, especially on the second question, but if the answers are No and Yes, then it might work.

  wee eddie 22:51 25 Jan 2019

In defence of the Cannabis Trade. Legalisation would, in all likelihood, remove Skunk from the market, which is the main cause of psychotic problems, and close the illegal cannabis farms

  wee eddie 23:12 25 Jan 2019

For example. You can still buy potcheen,made in a farm still. But most folk buy Jamesons and its stable mates

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