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How long on this site?

  Bald Eagle 17:41 22 Sep 2010

On the run down to returning to UK for the winter from Brittany so things are dragging a bit. I know, I thought, how long have I been a member on this forum? Went to profile and it's the only site I know that doesn't give a "joined date". Is it somewhere on here?


  Forum Editor 00:09 25 Sep 2010

You first crossed our digital threshold on 6th July 2005.

  Forum Editor 00:13 25 Sep 2010

You first registered on 2nd December 2003

  Strawballs 00:19 25 Sep 2010

Time flies, doesn't it? Lots of people think they signed up much later than they actually did

I know what you mean I thought it was around 003 untill you pointed out Dec 2000 I must be another with Demencia but got it early aged 48

  Forum Editor 09:11 25 Sep 2010

It isn't dementia, sometimes we all think that things happened more recently than they really did.

  Diemmess 09:40 25 Sep 2010

May I join this general disclosure please?
I think I changed my name once I discovered the range of postings and the value of this site.

I think it was around the time when flecc had a devout following and was hot stuff at stripping Win 98 to something really basic and ....very fast.

  Strawballs 09:52 25 Sep 2010

I remember flecc with is version of 98.

I too changed my name as I had the same one as someone else but the date I was given goes back before I remember so it must have inc the name change.

  carver 12:50 25 Sep 2010

I sincerely hope that I am still around in another 10 years to be still able to enjoy this site, theres some great people who visit these pages and my thanks go out to them, you included F.E.

  recap 13:30 25 Sep 2010

I changed my name in the early days as it was a nick name I had been given at school but not one for this forum. Nothing too bad but I felt It had to be changed. I think I joined about six months after the site was created.

There were about 3000 registered users then?

Could you please inform me of my registration date FE?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 25 Sep 2010

Fri, 16/04/[email protected]:45 seems to be my first post as just plain Fruit Bat without the /\0/\

884 pages x 20 threads per page, 17681postings (with this one) I seem to have stuck my nose sometimes many postings per thread.

Ah well I now know what I've been doing the last six and a half years :0)

Not sure of my actual joining date?

  Forum Editor 15:48 25 Sep 2010

You registered with us on 26th January 2002.

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