How long should a car battery last?

  john bunyan 21:16 06 Oct 2019

I have a 2013 Mazda CX-5 2.2 L auto diesel with stop/ start. Only done 21,000 miles. I did not use it for a week or so recently- battery flat. Charged the battery but when I tried to start the electrics went haywire- flashing etc and only way to stop it was to disconnect battery. After a couple of tries RAC homestart came and after tests diagnosed battery needed replacement. This was done at Halfords on a Sunday- cost £240 installed - battery is 333 start stop. With more time I could have found a cheaper one. My point is that the start stop is more intense on batteries than normal- is it worth it for the small fuel saving? Is 6 years a good battery life ? The price was expensive but RAC had no stock and it was a Sunday, and Halfords found a correct one

  x13 21:56 06 Oct 2019

I've a 2012 Peugeot 208 diesel. Done 96,000 miles , no stop/start and still has original battery. Last winter, though, it was beginning showing its age.

  john bunyan 23:18 06 Oct 2019

I think I’ll turn off the stop/ start option. Google says car batteries last 4-5 years but in the past mine have lasted longer. I suspect short journeys, also , don’t have enough charge activity to overcome the starts.

  Govan1x 00:21 07 Oct 2019

Jb the low milage and the lack of use on most cars will affect the battery use especially coming up for winter.

I barely use mine and when there was a lot of rain about it took longer than usual to start.

This was a new battery last September but because it does not get many long journeys to charge it up properly, The chances are that i will probably have a lot of bother with it in the cold weather.

it may pay you to have a charger handy if there is any sign of a slow start up.

Not got one myself but will probably have to buy one soon.

  Menzie 01:31 07 Oct 2019

I'm expecting mine to last between 3-4 years. My vehicle doesn't have a stop/start system but it has a lot of electronics including a stereo system that has two large amplifiers and twin subwoofers.

It also has a camera which records both front and back feeds while parked when motion is detected (as well as while driving).

Our winters are harsh here with temps falling as low as -40 celsius. So far it has done two winters and not missed a beat. We're going for the third winter now.

If anything happens before the end of next year my battery will still be within the manufacturer's warranty period.

  Flat Earther 03:23 07 Oct 2019

I would turn off the S/S if you're not doing much mileage. Car batteries like to be kept topped up for longevity, depending where you park at home consider a trickle charger if garaged or a small solar panel if parked outside.

  Quickbeam 07:09 07 Oct 2019

Flat Earther, is the solar charger suitable for overnight charging... ;)

  Quickbeam 07:17 07 Oct 2019

JB, It's very much a how long is a piece of string question, you don't know until it's failed. But if that was the original battery, 6 years is acceptable regardless of the mileage. Mines an original too on 110k at 7 years old still going strong, but I don't use the stop/start, that just annoys me!

  john bunyan 08:10 07 Oct 2019

Thanks for the replies. I have a charger which I will use to trickle charge at times of low mileage, and will turn off stop start except on longer journeys. The cost of the battery surprised me !

  HondaMan 10:47 07 Oct 2019

I have a 2001 Mazda MX-5 and it is STILL on the original battery. It needs a boost on occasion over the winter, but in the summer it starts first time every time.

  wee eddie 11:30 07 Oct 2019

I would be checking the fan belt. maybe the Alternator is not pushing enough back.

p.s. My Car mechanics knowledge is slim

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