how long before hdtv becomes the only option on tv-and do hd to sd converters for channels exist?

  theDarkness 20:25 27 Sep 2012

I have never had satellite tv, but I have noticed upon a recent freeview box update, that some new channels (that have been previously available on sky) are hd only. I do not have an hdtv, which has got me wondering about how long users believe it may take for standard digital tv to be replaced entirely by high definition only, bearing in mind that some of the lowest priced HDTVs are hardly what you would call very expensive (around £80)? I am also wondering if anyone knows if there is such a thing as a box for your tv or freeview that can convert hd channels to standard quality, to watch on a non-hdtv? I have googled this up before and there were a few scams going regarding such converters, which doesnt give much hope,lol.


Browsing the latest Smart HDTVs on amazon, that can record tv from popular tv channel online tv players,browse the internet and shop online, connect to social networks etc, while they are expensive at the moment (samsungs at £300+) I wonder what impact they may have in the long run to the pc market, with users that may have only bought a laptop or pc to do just that. I suppose very similar to what the smartphone has done-once smart tvs become standard, the impact will surely be massive.

  lotvic 01:18 28 Sep 2012

BBC HD and ITV1 HD are two examples on Freeview

  lotvic 01:24 28 Sep 2012

fm, unless you meant HD channels that don't have a SD channel showing the same programs.

  Quickbeam 09:47 28 Sep 2012

I still don't bother to switch to the HD option when prompted by my Sony box.

I don't watch intently enough to spot the difference, and the HD channel numbers are well away from the normal 123... etc numbering that make for convenient channel changing via the channel up/down option on the remote.

But I suppose that eventually they will available on the 123 numbering when HD becomes the norm.

  interzone55 09:55 28 Sep 2012

There's a lot of politics around channel numbering.

Channel numbers on Freeview all changed last week, but some changes weren't implemented because Sky complained about moving Sky Sports News to the Sports section of the guide, rather than the news section.

The Register Link

  Quickbeam 12:15 28 Sep 2012

I didn't know that alan14, I'll retune my TVs now.

  theDarkness 19:51 29 Sep 2012

I think I first noticed my first one whilst browsing one night and found one new channel with a simple white screen with no info other than a simple logo. 'GOD' eventually gave me a message (after 10 seconds, the tv is slow) that GOD TV only works on an hd capable machine. Someone has told me that its been on sky for a fair while, but didnt mention the content (shopping channel-bibles to your smartphone?). I did a further browse and I think there are one or two other religious channels ready to start on freeview hd soon too, think all christian, although im sure to be fair other religions will pop up soon enough. Perhaps its should be no surprise that the great one himself would be hd only, but hes limiting his customers! I think ill buy a new box and wait for scientology tv, that could prove far more entertaining.

The register mentions that HD boxes are all capable of internet video, so im sure there will be literally thousands of channels to browse through one day-and still very little worth watching. ps no sarcasm intended with any of the above-watch what you want :)

  theDarkness 23:22 29 Sep 2012

Ive just attempted a new scan for channels, the space doesnt show, but its essentially everything between the post midnight channels (girls waving their mobiles around) and radio channels. Some seem to be just the equivalent of teletext for a new generation (mail travel tv) only far slower. The rest give me a black screen, and/or 10 to 30 seconds later remind me that I need an hd capable box to view (CCTV, GOD etc). Regarding how slow some of the most basic text channels are, I feel that my tv is out of date already (budget model, although fine for standard freeview) :) thanks

  Chegs ®™ 01:19 02 Oct 2012

I have a Sagem brand freesat box as up here,freeview only carries approx half the available channels and noticed recently I no longer have ITV HD (channel 112 it was)The channel numbers simply skip over this channel so I did a little research and found that I was supposed to be able to press the red button to view ITV HD,but not here in the far NW.I was slightly miffed at no longer having the HD option,so imagine my surprise to find that whenever I recorded any ITV channel I was offered the option of recording it in HD.I noted the channel number it was recording 3043 and tried to switch to this channel but I dont have channel numbers in 4 figures,yet all recordings of ITV1 carry the ITV HD logo in the top left corner of the screen.The only problem is all ITV HD recordings are unknown programme in the list of recorded programmes so if I forget to watch anything immediately and then record something next day on ITV HD,I do need to note the time/date of recordings or I get confused.

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