How long have you been on the Internet?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 19 Sep 2018

Recently changed ISP plus having a change round and clear out in "the office".

Just found my Wanadoo registration from May 2004 went through Freeserve - Wanadoo - Orange and EE til changing for a cheaper faster package a couple of weeks ago. Not sure exactly when I first got the internet with Freeserve probably somewhere around 1998 so approx 20 yrs on the internet.

Anyone else know when they first connected?

  john bunyan 16:09 19 Sep 2018

At home , about 1995 with Pipex Dial up. Still , reluctantly , with their latest incarnation, Talk Talk, on 8 mbps but thinking of changing to FTC . As I hate contacts , am considering SSE as it offers rolling monthly , but reviews are like Marmite- love or hate service. Zen seem to have stopped offering rolling monthly , and “Now Broadband” got even worse reviews. BT wants 18 months, so I am still thinking. Have moved most e mail from Pipex to Outlook in preparation. Recommendations welcome.

  Al94 16:34 19 Sep 2018

1995 for me as well with Nildram as ISP.

  hastelloy 16:42 19 Sep 2018

Not exactly sure but I started with dial-up from Demon Internet which started in 1992 and was taken over in 1998 so sometime in that time frame.

I'v had several ISPs since then - most notable NTL which was problematical - best was Zen Internet though I'm now with Plusnet because it's cheaper.

  wee eddie 17:38 19 Sep 2018

Mid-90's. Text only. Got pictures with my Windows '95 from DABS, a couple of years later with MSN Network.

  bumpkin 18:40 19 Sep 2018

How long have you been on the Internet?

About 6 minutes now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 19 Sep 2018

john bunyan

Just moved to SSE FTC for your exact same reasons, setup exactly as stated, router arrived 3 days before start date, plugged in router evening of start day and was up and running in 5 mins.

Have read reviews and agree looks like customer service leaves a little to be desired as they have sent me e-mails concerning connection process and state, two weeks after it is all up and running :0)

  Quickbeam 19:46 19 Sep 2018

Just logged in...

Since about '97 I think.

I remember when I first started seeing web addresses attached to programmes and adverts and thought, what's all this about? When someone in the pub told me, I thought, well that'll only be of interest to the geeks, and then I thought, how can anyone remember a web address from such a brief glimpse, not realising that that was all that was needed, just ignore the www. bit, and the .com or whatever bit, and the computer took you there with a brief name.

If computers were invented in the middle ages, the Inquisition would have burned a lot more people than they did for sorcery!

  martd7 20:13 19 Sep 2018

Late 90s I believe with Telewest Blueyonder,512 kbs

  Old Deuteronomy 20:33 19 Sep 2018

To within just a few weeks, I've been on for 19 years. Soon after I got a Freeserve disc and on that disc found something called Whilst exploring that virtual world I bumped into the avatar of a woman who was doing the same. Last year, after living together for 16 years, we got married.

  oresome 21:02 19 Sep 2018

Late 90s with dial up.

My wife eventually got fed up of the phone always being out of action and I took out a contract with an ISP around 2002. The ISP then offered me cheaper line rental and phone calls than BT and this service was duly transferred to them some time later.

Just like my bank, I've never changed accounts but the provider has changed names.

All issues with the service that have lasted more than an hour or two in the last twenty years have been related to the copper wire between the house and the exchange rather than the ISP and have disrupted the phone more than the internet.

Getting fibre to the cabinet on Saturday and a new modem arrived this morning.

Increased use of catch-up TV has necessitated this rather than anything intensive I do browsing.

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