How long do you want to live for?

  Cymro. 17:12 08 Feb 2010

So how are you managing with this aging thing then?
Do you wish to know how getting older is going to affect you?
Do you worry about such things?
They say it all depends on the genes we inherited from our parents. So did your parents live a long and healthy life?
Yes! I do know that we can do very little about it all but more and more of us are looking after our health these days. What if anything are you doing to try and prolong your life?
How long would you like to live for assuming you could that is?click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:29 08 Feb 2010

To the end of fourm member's next posting but I suspect that would be doubtful.


  john bunyan 17:41 08 Feb 2010

Is this a bid for immortality (if you mean to the end of his final posting)?

  Cymro. 17:47 08 Feb 2010

but could we put up with it?
Living for ever and ever may not be all it is cracked up to be.

  Noldi 17:47 08 Feb 2010

"Do you worry about such things?"
Im here for a good not a long time.

I have lived long enough anything now is a bonus.

When 3 of my primary school friends dint make 20 then im lucky to do more than twice that. Its the only thing in life thats certain to happen so why worry about it.


  Noldi 17:49 08 Feb 2010

"I’m here for a good time not a long time".

  Cymro. 17:50 08 Feb 2010

Very wise in dead, quality not quantity I say every time.

  OTT_B 18:05 08 Feb 2010

I want to live for as long as I have a quality of life that I am happy with, whether that be 40, 80 or 180.

  OTT_B 18:06 08 Feb 2010

My sentiment exactly.

  The Mountaineer 18:28 08 Feb 2010

Could play havoc with pension funding, bus passes, and library concessions!

  shellship 18:43 08 Feb 2010

12 years ago I said to my wife that after 35 years we were only half way though our marriage as both our parents lived long lives. Her reply was not printable and ten days later she was in intensive care with a major aortic problem. Fine now but she still blames me!

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