how to keep friends and influence people

  mitey_won 18:42 22 Jul 2004

Dear Forumites

I'm feeling very frustrated by my inability to convince two of my mates to get broadband and therefore chat, game and generally converse with me on a regular basis.

Friend A has 56k dialup and is very fond of budgeting, Friend B has an xbox and sees no reason to get a pc (he's very stingy too).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried talking to the wife of Friend A, who, after some planning and analysis, I had elucidated, was the stumbling block in my grand plan, but to no avail...

Friend B will probably get round to buying his own pc when his mother has accumulated enough air-miles to buy something that should have been sent off to the 3rd world in 1996.

I need some innovative ideas...:-)

yours in anticipation

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