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How to keep car insurance premiums lower

  ponytail 13:27 11 Jun 2015

I am expecting to have three points put on my driving licence which I suppose means my premiums going up and wondered if there was a way round it.I am classed as the main driver and my wife is the second drive.A bit drastic I know but what would happen if I changed the car ownership to her and she became the main driver and me the second driver would the premiums stay the same.Also if the car stayed in my name could she be insured as the main driver and me the second driver even though I am still the registered owner of the car

  john bunyan 21:57 26 Jun 2015

Have you looked at your licence? All your categories your are allowed to drive are on the back A Motor bikes, B Cars etc

  wee eddie 22:21 26 Jun 2015

ponytail: it is one and the same licence. All for one and one for all!

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