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How to keep car insurance premiums lower

  ponytail 13:27 11 Jun 2015

I am expecting to have three points put on my driving licence which I suppose means my premiums going up and wondered if there was a way round it.I am classed as the main driver and my wife is the second drive.A bit drastic I know but what would happen if I changed the car ownership to her and she became the main driver and me the second driver would the premiums stay the same.Also if the car stayed in my name could she be insured as the main driver and me the second driver even though I am still the registered owner of the car

  bumpkin 13:59 11 Jun 2015

I would find out how much it will go up firstly, if anything. Does your wife have the same NCD as yourself. Apart from the hassle of changing ownership you will probably lose 1 mnths tax which you need to consider.

  hastelloy 14:28 11 Jun 2015

The owner of the car is not necessarily the main driver.

You lie to an insurance company at your own peril.

  john bunyan 14:59 11 Jun 2015

When you have named drivers on a policy , the insurers ask for full details of each driver including points, so there is no hiding place. I believe, now, or shortly, they even ask for the driving licence numbers so they can check the veracity. I suspect they will not be too harsh over only 3 points.

  bumpkin 15:20 11 Jun 2015

As a point of interest how does one determine who the main driver is? Is it the person that uses it most frequently or the one that does the most miles or spends the most time in it. It can be difficult to differentiate at times. For example when I worked in London I could spend more time doing 20 miles than my wife would doing 100.

  bumpkin 18:16 11 Jun 2015

govanx, she may have her own NCD but to my mind it is all too much buggering about, just pay the extra if indeed there is any. They will also charge for changing details, just not worth the trouble in my opinion.

  morddwyd 19:35 11 Jun 2015

The insurance companies are well up to all these devices, all you are likely to achieve is a cautionary note on your entry in the Motor Insurers Database!

  ponytail 20:41 11 Jun 2015

As for losing a months tax I only pay £30 per year and also I will not be lying to the insurance company as that would be a silly move they can always check up

  bumpkin 21:09 11 Jun 2015

So who is the main user and how is it determined. Is it yourself or your wife?

  bumpkin 21:20 11 Jun 2015

The easiest thing surely is to phone the insurance company and ask them. My daughter uses my car to go to a part time job, the policy excludes business use and commuting. 10 minutes on the phone and clarified. It is covered and no extra premium.

  bumpkin 21:34 11 Jun 2015

Wait until you know for sure that you have the points then inform your insurance company and ask them if it will increase you premium which I doubt very much anyway but at least it will put your mind at rest, life it to short to worry about trivia like a speeding ticket or parking fine to my mind.

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