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How Jeans conquered the world

  Blackhat 13:21 28 Feb 2012

Interesting little article from the BBC.

BBC Article

I am late 40’s now and live in Jeans these days but wasn’t allowed any until I had a job and could buy my own.

  natdoor 14:35 29 Feb 2012

Thank goodness that there are some organisations, such as golf clubs, which have dress codes and ban the wearing of jeans. In my view, they have no place in business or social activities. In particular I hate the fact that TV correspondents wander around looking like deadbeats. I would'nt wish to be seen looking like that even while working in my back garden. It was a real plaesure seeing Lineker and the other studo pundits covering the Carling Cup.

  Toneman 18:41 29 Feb 2012

Absolutely, wouldn't be seen dead in them...or alive either...

  Aitchbee 19:16 29 Feb 2012

I was always fascinated by the term '100% Baumwolle' on the inside tags of denim jeans. (Wranglers).

And then, I always had a squint, to see where they were 'Made In...'.

I think I only purchased one pair...from the USA. (out of 20)

Egypt, and Germany were other countries that come to mind.

Baumwolle is the German for cotton. (BTW)

I still wear denims...(along with my size 12 Stacy Adams Desert Boots ...Made in China).

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