How to include a link in your post

  Forum Editor 23:50 05 May 2011

Quite a few people seem to be having difficulties with including a hyperlink in their posts. It's obviously easy enough to type the full address of another web page in the text, but if you want to make a link that others can click on to go to a page on another site, here's how you do it:-

In the text entry box you'll see a number of text formatting icons. One of the icons is a green circle with a small right-facing arrow. When you want to make a link, click the icon.

A dialogue box will appear, in which you can enter a web address. Enter the address of the page you want to link to, making sure that you don't duplicate the 'http' that is already in the box by default.

When you've entered the address, click 'OK' and the link text will appear in your post, together with the highlighted words 'link text' in brackets.

Delete the 'link text' and substitute words of your choice - 'click here' for instance - but don't touch the brackets or anything else in the link text. Don't expect the hyperlink to appear in your text, that happens when you submit your post.

Carry on typing your post, and submit it when you've finished. The hyperlink will appear automatically.

Like most things, it's simple when you get used to it, and it all takes far less time than it takes to read these instructions.

I hope that clears things up for those of you who aren't sure.

  Portal11 03:15 06 May 2011

Peter to the likes of Regulars like you and i its easy..we have got accustomed to it however WHY make things harder than what they was? as in before the change over it was just a case of "PASTING" a URL/Link at the end of your its a tad more technical & for what advantage.? why didn't u guys keep it to how it was.? simple easy...what did u gain??? i am NOT the first to highlight this issue and almost a month later your creating a thread about this very subject..???

  Covergirl 05:21 06 May 2011

The functionality to include a suitable link word or phrase is the advantage, e.g. The BBC Site

Even simpler instructions - type the word or words you want to use as a link e.g. "The BBC Site", highlight that word or phrase, click the green circle with a small right-facing arrow, CTRL-V your URL into the box and click OK. Because the http:// is already selected it gets overwritten.

I like it :)

  birdface 08:23 06 May 2011

click here

Ignore this if it comes up as a click here as i am just attempting to follow instructions.

  muddypaws 08:34 06 May 2011

**But WHY can't they put linking back as it was?!! It is quite apparent that most of us don't like it or find it difficult to use. I just don't comprehend how anyone could have considered the present set up to be better. Apart from clever IT experts.who appear to be detached from the general user.

  birdface 08:35 06 May 2011

My goodness that was easy I have been struggling with that since it was introduced.Still prefer the copy and paste mind you. My problem was I did not know that you had to change it just before posting it on the forum.You just click on the link test and change it to what you want just before posting. Covergirl that was using FE's method. FE would it not be easier just to change the Link Here to just say Click Here in the first place then we would not have to change anything.

  HondaMan 08:35 06 May 2011

however WHY make things harder

Completely agree. TGhis new site is a BACKWARD step

  hssutton 08:39 06 May 2011

Using the icon to insert a link is common to most forums, what I wasn't sure about was using your own wording.

Now let's see if I've got it :)

  Legolas 08:41 06 May 2011
  hssutton 08:42 06 May 2011

well that didn't work, obviously needs to be made more simple for us old folk :)

I deleted the above link and inserted my own title, probably not quite awake yet

  birdface 08:44 06 May 2011

FE.With the old Click here's you could hover your mouse above it and it would tell you what program was on it without having to open it. Can they do the same with the link Test as you now have to open it to see what is being posted so that you do not duplicate the same program.

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