how id a wild bird

  sunnystaines 15:28 06 Nov 2014

very small about the size of a wren or small sparrow same shape too. a rich dark brown with a very black head. the wings had a white band on then like some pidgeons have and battle of britain planes.

it was in our garden before i cold get a camera a magpie swooped down short chase and killed it.

any ideas trawelled a few webs nothing similar. location south coast.

  sunnystaines 15:29 06 Nov 2014

wondering if chris the wildlife member still views PCA

  johndrew 16:10 06 Nov 2014

It is possible for it to have been a Wren as colouring does vary and I have seen them with quite dark plumage on the head. Equally a Dunnock may fit the bill. The manner in which they move could also be a clue.

  sunnystaines 17:07 06 Nov 2014


looked at your link female bullfinch possible black head is identical, also has the white band on wings, and shape of bird about right. but the rest of bird was very deep dark brown on wings and body I suppose could have been a youngster it was slow at flying.

john drew not a wren got lots of them here in various shades of brown but tail not upright, also got dunnocks not them either.

  morddwyd 20:34 06 Nov 2014

Female bullfinch sounds about right - however in flight it shows a clear white rump which is pretty diagnostic and hard to miss.

click here

  sunnystaines 21:20 06 Nov 2014


no nothing like the female in your link the backs of wings and chest a deep wood brown, as it flew away from the magpie two large white bands on top of each wing.

its black head looked very odd against brown body.

had a lot of odd birds in the garden last few weeks including a wheateater and shrike's

  QuizMan 09:06 07 Nov 2014

If you've got 69p to spare, there are some good bird apps. I use Pocket Birds for iPad.

I did wonder about the reed bunting which occasionally venture into gardens. The black head is right; not sure about the rest though.

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