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How hopeless can you get?l

  johnincrete 10:05 12 May 2017

I took delivery of a new computer. It's not a tower but one that sits flat on the desk and you can put the screen on top. I was struggling to come to terms with my first experience of Windows 10. Then I needed to burn a CD and pressed the button to open the tray. But the CD wouldn't fit! It was just a bit too wide. How could this be I thought. The shop had to use the CD to load Windows and other bits and pieces. Eventually, I phoned the shop. They sent round a guy and he took one look and corrected the situation. The problem? I had the box upside down!! Stop laughing! I am 76

  HondaMan 21:52 16 May 2017

I thought about starting a new thread called "I hate W10", but I'm sure FE would delete it. I sympathise with Govan1x though, as I really do hate W10 even though it is on a virtual machine on my Mac. I still go to W7Pro for any Windows applications I need to use

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:15 17 May 2017


been there done that :0)

  Teabag. 15:51 17 May 2017

I think I was quite lucky on my major blunder.

A couple of years ago we decided to redocorate the sitting room, no bother as I served my time as a painter and decorator in the late 50's. My son popped around and said that old TV has to go, so went out and bought us a new flat screen TV. Old TV went to the recycling centre, son installed new TV. When I started to decorate all furniture was placed in the middle of the floor and dust sheets to cover them. TV was carefully placed on the sofa. Finished decorating and put everything back and switched on the TV. Nothing. Not a flicker. I tried all the controls,read the manual back to front. So I rang up tescos and explained it just would not switch on, only had it a week. No bother they said, bring it in answer will replace it. So I did, very helpful they where. Took new tv home and slid it out box. Put it in position and connected all cables. There was a large banner across the screen.

Make sure you have the on/off switch under the base of the screen in the on position.

I looked high and low for that switch and presumed it just worked by reote control.

  Teabag. 15:54 17 May 2017

I must of caught the on off switch as I moved the TV.

Thank goodness I got out of the store before they tried it.

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