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How Green is green energy ?

  john bunyan 18:57 05 Feb 2020

If one looks at the whole life cycle of EV’s including battery disposal, and now the problems with wind turbine blades :


Of course there is a climate emergency and we must move quickly but clearly it is not straightforward

  qwbos 00:40 06 Feb 2020

whole life cycle

Not a concept that many people are either familiar with or choose to think about unfortunately.

Every large scale windfarm I've ever seen has involved massive amounts of ungreen input just to build, transport and install them, Same with maintenance, especially for offshore. The windfarm off Aberdeen (the one that Trump likes so much) had a blade problem not long after start up. The hub is around 120m above sea level and the blades are over 80m long. You don't fix that from a rowing boat.

Yet time and time again, I hear people saying it's ok to consume vast amounts of electricity because it's "green". Surely the answer is to consume less. Building windfarms in remote areas and ruining the environment for "cheap" electricity that's then wasted isn't the answer.

  Forum Editor 23:18 06 Feb 2020

"Surely the answer is to consume less."

That would require a change in human nature - not impossible, but it takes a very long time.

I think the answer is to innovate, and keep on doing so. In nuclear fusion lies an opportunity to access virtually unlimited sources of clean energy and I'm sure that we will eventually do it. The history of the human race is one long story of innovation and problem solving - if we want to do something badly enough we will find a way, but when it comes to dealing with energy problems the hardest part is in convincing governments of the need to act, and act decisively.

There are some signs that this is happening, but it's not happening fast enough.

  john bunyan 09:12 07 Feb 2020


I remember in 1957 , Harwell thought they had solved nuclear fusion. Here we are 63 years later . Let’s hope it is achieved sooner rather than later.


  Quickbeam 12:23 07 Feb 2020

I just bought an induction hob this morning, they are quite energy efficient. But mainly I bought it because I'm sick of cleaning the has hob iron work.

The fact that I went out to look for a Sonos sound bar and came back with a Bosch induction hob is a different story!

  john bunyan 12:35 07 Feb 2020


I have an induction hob 2 position alongside a matching 2 position gas hob. I find “Hob Bright “ the best cleaner.

NB What is the sound quality on your hob ? :-))

  wee eddie 13:13 07 Feb 2020

Induction Hobs, amazing things, require special pans. Can prove costly!

  john bunyan 14:14 07 Feb 2020

*wee eddie *

Yes but most such saucepans etc also work on gas; not vice versa as you correctly say. Ours were very modestly priced at Robert Dyas etc

  Quickbeam 14:25 07 Feb 2020

Most of my pans are iron bottomed anyway.

The low end bass on simmer is amazing JB!

  BT 08:49 25 Feb 2020

Saw a piece yesterday saying that 75% of German Electricity now comes from wind power

  canarieslover 16:21 25 Feb 2020

Apparently the Dutch are concerned that their infrastructure isn't robust enough to support the power requirements for EV's and the heat pumps that are going to be the next requirement. It means replacing most of the cabling that currently exists so will mean a fairly large increase in electricity costs to pay for it as well as needing a not too fast take-up of EV's. Can our infrastructure cope without a massive renewal of cabling?

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