How good a driver are you?

  version8 14:26 24 Sep 2008

Now i thought i was quiet good at driving & taking Practise Car Theory Test One & Two on the DVLA website would be very easy.

How wrong i was, I failed both by the same score.
Seems after 20 years of accident free driving i don't seem to have remembered everything i should know about driving & the highway code!

For more info click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:37 24 Sep 2008

I'm sure almost all drivers are not as good as they would like to think they are.

  Si_L 17:40 24 Sep 2008

I got one wrong, but I only took my theory a couple of years ago.

  Forum Editor 17:42 24 Sep 2008

a superb driver, probably the best the world has ever seen.

Or so I like to think.

  Stuartli 18:55 24 Sep 2008

Lewis Hamilton waves me through....

  Zaphod 3 20:27 24 Sep 2008

One wrong on motorcycles and two wrong for the car.

  Zaphod 3 20:28 24 Sep 2008

Whoops should have added no theory test when I took mine.

  laurie53 21:22 24 Sep 2008

Probably no better than most, but my brain and limb co-ordination today probably saved more people from death or injury than the average surgeon!

  DieSse 02:26 25 Sep 2008

I am an even better driver than FE.

And I never ever exaggerate by even the teensiest weensiest little bit either.

  ened 07:12 25 Sep 2008

",,probably the best the world has ever seen."

You can't be - I Am!

  carver 08:49 25 Sep 2008

Sorry to tell you but my daughter (just 17) is now the best driver in the world after only a couple of lessons.

She can now tell me how to drive, in fact now when I drive, I not only have a back seat driver but one sat at the side of me.

Instructions in stereo, and to think all these years I thought I was the best driver in the world. I think I'll sell the car and buy a single seat racing bike.

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