How to get rid of ants?

  bumpkin 18:07 03 Jul 2014

I seem to get infested with these things, I spray powder and they just emerge somewhere else. I doubt that there is a permanent solution but can anyone suggest a pesticide that works.

  Aitchbee 18:20 03 Jul 2014

I had a localised infestation of ants around and underneath a large potted yucca plant which is situated just outside my flat. A NIPPON ant bait station positioned underneath the plant-container killed off all of the ants after about 4 days.

The ants eat or collect the 'yummy' gel [which contains w/w 0.081% spinosad] and then take this to the QUEEN ant inside the nest and so stops her from laying any more ant eggs.

I was impressed!

  bumpkin 18:57 03 Jul 2014

Thanks Aitchbee, that sounds the kind of thing I require. Thanks Jock1e for the link. I have ordered 3 packs. Hope it is better than my ant powder.

  morddwyd 19:17 03 Jul 2014

I posted on this a year or so ago.

I gad a huge colony under the conservatory step, and spreading into the house. I didn't mind them except that once a year they swarmed and covered the floors and walls.

The Nippon stuff is good, but didn't eradicate them, so I bought one of these

Vermatik 6 IN 1 Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Rat/Mouse/Insect Repeller

100% total and permanent success, bot an ant seen since three days after I switched it on.

Don't know about other beasties, but ants don't like it at all.

  bumpkin 19:58 03 Jul 2014

thanks morddwyd, I will try the nippon now that I have ordered it. Mine are not in the house but all over my drives and patios constantly bringing up the sand that should be between the blocks so I am forever sweeping it back in. I don't know the range of an ultrasonic but another thought if the 2nd level chemical warfare fails.

  bumpkin 20:50 03 Jul 2014

Get an anteater.

It will die of obesity if here for a few weeks.

  Aitchbee 21:31 03 Jul 2014

bumpkin ... As Jock1e suggested earlier, you've got to try 'n' work out where the ants' nests are approximately and then lay your trap[s] accordingly. My ants problem was easy-peasy 'cos I knew where the nest was [inside pot]. Good luck!

  bumpkin 21:52 03 Jul 2014

Aitchbee, not easy in my case as there must be more than one nest. So gone for the overkill hence 3 double packs. If they survive that then I am flumoxed.

  mbc 22:53 03 Jul 2014

We have a small colony which appear every year. I quite like to watch them scurrying about on the patio, they don't seem to do any harm. Or do they?

  morddwyd 09:53 04 Jul 2014

"they don't seem to do any harm. Or do they?"

Not really but they do aerate the soil, and if you've got them under a path or patio it may well become uneven.

They also "milk" aphids so they look after them!

You will often see birds, particularly those newly fledged, lying on an ants' nest so that the ants get into their plumage and kill the parasites.

You will also see birds picking them up in their bills and putting them in their "armpits" for the same reason.

It's actually got a name among biologists, "anting".

  john bunyan 10:10 04 Jul 2014

Green woodpeckers use my lawn to harvest ants and their grubs. For a one off nest in appropriate location I have (shamefully) used a kettle of boiling water very effectively.

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