How to fix PVC sheets to cat pens?

  Graham* 16:01 27 Dec 2011

Project for the weekend: We have some new cat pens in a location exposed to wind. We have some polycarbonate sheets to fix over the mesh panels.

Ideally, they should be easily removable in hot sunny weather. I can visualise a small plate with a threaded centre that could be fixed to the frame of the pen. Then it would be easy to remove the sheets, leaving the small plates in place.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  Quickbeam 16:15 27 Dec 2011

I misread the title at first, making it even more bizarre that it already is!

  ton 16:30 27 Dec 2011

U shaped pieces of aluminium screwed to the frame, so the sheets could slot in and be lifted out for cleaning.

  SparkyJack 17:36 27 Dec 2011

If the mesh is strudy[rigid] then drill two holes one each side of verical in sceral locations and use sturdyvwire[frncing] through one hole around the verical bar and back out and twist the ends together to secure panel to mesh 4 per panel should suffice.

  Aitchbee 17:54 27 Dec 2011

I used some small greenhouses as a framework to hold the contents of 20 big bags of leaves.

I would also recommend reading ' The Adventures Robinson Crusoe ' for more inspiration!

  Forum Editor 18:03 27 Dec 2011

Use the solution recommended by ton.

Get some lengths of aluminium or plastic angle and screw them vertically to the framing. Then you can slide the polycarbonate panels in and out quite easily.

  Graham* 19:35 27 Dec 2011

ton & FE

Thanks, but there isn't the headroom to do that. These are separate cabins under one roof.

  ton 19:52 27 Dec 2011

In that case, aluminium U or angle at one end, then three or four self tappers into wood at the other end.

  Graham* 19:58 27 Dec 2011

Something like this could be adapted for purpose.

  spuds 12:00 28 Dec 2011

On our dog kennels, we use a combination of 'penny' washers,fibre/rubber washers, galvanised bolts with wing-nuts. When the sheets need removing for cleaning or ventilation, its a simple case of unscrewing the wing-nuts.

If you have access to a Wickes store, then check their range of free literature for fixing, installing, using etc on their range of products. B&Q and Homebase also provide this free leaflet service, but their literature is limited.

  spuds 12:14 28 Dec 2011

Perhaps should have also mentioned, that if you have metal bars or angle iron framing, hook bolts with wing-nuts are ideal for ease of use. hook bolts are getting more hard to obtain, unless you get them from a specialist supplier.

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