How to fight back legally then?

  Dorsai 20:14 17 Aug 2004

click here

to see how not to fight back legally.

Ok. Fair enough. I don't know the Law. That possible solution it against the law. I bow to the knowledge The FE who does know the law.
I would never advocate that anyone knowingly break the law, now would i expect this fourum to tolerate those who do. (I don't even ride my bike on the foot path, as it's illegal, even though no one seems to care these days)

But is there anything we can do, that IS legal?

If someone keeps stealing plants out of your garden it would be illegal to shoot them, but would it be illgal to plant poison ivy?

There must be somthing that is leagal surly?

We are all alowed to 'defend ourself'. When does self defence become 'unjustified atack'?

Would it be illegal if i, for example, wrote a program that self replicated on to other PC's, self updated, and when on these PC's just scanned for mal-ware, and deleted it if found? this would be fighting back, but the only people it harmed were the mal-were authors, at it trashed their programs. if you did not want it, you just uninstalled it, and it went, and left a tag saying 'dont come back'.

If this breaks the code of conduct, sorry FE, just delete.

  cga 21:06 17 Aug 2004

There really is nothing new. I remember, many years ago, the Christmas EXEC that flooded the IBM mainframe network in a matter of hours and caused great problems.

Some wag at the time suggested a "hunter/catcher" routine that would have doubled the problem.

Regardless of the legality, the problem is that these would not just hurt the target but anyone that shares any of the resources along the way. You might not be able to bring the net to its heels by yourself but get a few people doing this and ....

The only way is to not let them know they have got to you.

  Al94 21:11 17 Aug 2004

Don't stress yourself mate!!!

Do what the rest of us do, Google toolbar removes most popups (basically redundant now as SP2 does the job very well)

Use well tried and tested free software, Adaware, Spybot and Spywareblaster and good antivirus software and a firewall = you won't have much trouble thyerefore calm down and enjoy your PC!

  spikeychris 21:14 17 Aug 2004

The main gist of your click here is a DNS attack. This is illegal and rightly so. Its also very old hat, addervers have been being hit for years, PCA uses one, would you want that brought down?

DNS attacking (used by those who don't even know what they do) is one of the worst forms of hacking there is, its mindless and takes no skill what-so-ever.

If they bother users that much they just need to update their host files.

  Forum Editor 23:46 17 Aug 2004

and/or alter, edit or create any files at all which modify or alter programs already on the computer, or affect the way that programs work, without the owner's prior consent is a criminal offence in the UK and in many other countries.

The legislation that applies is the Computer Misuse act 1990, and you can go to prison for up to five years if you are convicted of an offence under the act.

That should be enough to warn you that the creation of any self-replicating program designed to delete files without the computer owner's consent would, no matter how well intentioned, be a serious criminal offence ...........don't even consider doing such a thing.

Just do what everyone else does and protect yourself with some of the excellent software that's available and mentioned in Al94's post.

  Dorsai 17:54 18 Aug 2004

I could not actually do it, even if i wanted. (and would not if i could)

what i know about modern programming i could write on a picture post-card, and still leave room for the name and address of the person it was to be posted to.

Spy-bot/ad-aware/a2 etc. sort of fall into the category of what i was thinking of though. they must inhabit many ten's of thousand PC's, if not millions. They just sit on my PC and munch away at malware. But i suppose the main difference is they are not gate-crashers, they were invited in.

Gone are the days when "the best defense is offense" was regarded as OK.

I am not upset. the anti Mal ware stuff i have works. It was all installed following the advice of other forumites, posting to other threads from those who had got into trouble.

Have they got to me- only in as much as there is nothing i can do to "get my own back" on them.

It would just be poetic justice if you heard in the news...

"the author of the <latest virus to crash the net> was arrested yesterday because a Trojan infected his PC and e-mailed the proof of his guilt to Interpol"

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