How Fattening Is Pure Orange Juice?

  morddwyd 07:24 14 Dec 2015

Because of medication I get quite thirsty and as I'm not keen on water I used to drink lemonade.

However I decided a couple of months ago to change to pure orange juice, no added sugar, but I find I have put a bit of weight on (more than a bit, actually!).

My eating habits haven't changed so is it just coincidence/bodily changes or could natural orange juice, maybe half a litre a day or so, lead to marked weight gain.

Couldn't seem to find a definitive answer on line.

  Forum Editor 07:37 14 Dec 2015

Half a litre of orange juice contains 270 calories. You would need to walk for an hour to burn those calories. Unless you do that, and you still eat normally, you will steadily gain weight.

Try diluting the orange juice with 50% water. That way you would consume the same amount of fluid, but only half the calories. You would burn 135 calories in half an hour of walking, and you should be doing at least that amount of exercise each day to stay healthy - more if possible.

  morddwyd 07:59 14 Dec 2015


Unfortunately most of my "walking" is done by mobility scooter, I can't get much further than the garden gate on my own.

I'll have to have a rethink, probably back to lemonade which didn't give me any similar problems.

  BT 08:40 14 Dec 2015

When you say 'Pure Orange Juice' I assume you mean from a carton. When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes I researched these things and found that generally the lowest sugar content was in Tomato Juice.

  • Tesco Tomato juice 4.3gm Sugar/100ml 24kcal

  • Tesco Orange Juice 10.5gms Sugar/100ml 47kcal

So basically Orange Juice has about 2.5 times more Sugar than Tomato Juice. For thirst quenching I usually have Tesco 50% Hi Juice No Added sugar Orange squash which has 5.0gms Sugar/100ml when diluted as directed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 14 Dec 2015

Thirst quenching

Whisky works for me - but not sure if you should drive the mobility scooter afterwards?


  BT 12:31 14 Dec 2015

Whisky works for me

Me too, but there's a time and a place, otherwise the Orange Squash has to do unfortunately.

  BT 12:34 14 Dec 2015

..probably back to lemonade..

The trouble with Lemonade is generally its too sweet, even the Diet stuff. The cloudy lemonade is much nicer and tastes less sweet for me.

  Flak999 14:24 14 Dec 2015

Fruit juices are generally thought of as bad for people with diabetes, and it increases the risk of someone getting type 2 diabetes by 8% if you consume three portions of fruit juice a week.

The main problem being that fruit juice is full of fructose (a natural sugar) half a pint of fruit juice contains more sugar than the World Health Organisation recommends ideally having in a day (30g of sugar for men, 24g for women)

Another side effect is that it makes you put on weight!

  Flak999 14:25 14 Dec 2015

I forgot the link

  wee eddie 14:28 14 Dec 2015

Extreme thirst may not be medication. Possible onset of Type 2 Diabetes. Get yourself checked out

  spuds 15:26 14 Dec 2015

Whether it's any use, I have been going through a few sessions at one of our local hospitals, and they seem to recommend ' Water, with or without squash (but avoid blackcurrant squash). Tea or coffee (without milk) herbal tea and fruit teas are fine'.

Placing on excessive weight, might be more due to lack of mobility, than drinking orange juice. Have a word with your health care advisor, GP or practice nurse.

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