How far do you commute to work?

  oresome 17:17 09 Nov 2015

It's quite a while since I worked, but at one time I travelled 45 miles each way by car with a journey time of around 75 minutes.

This wasn't through choice. The company I worked for relocated to another city and before they moved I was at work in 20 minutes. Our new house location was originally chosen to be within a 30 minute commute by car which at the time I thought was long enough. (When I started with the firm I lived within 3 miles.)

My experience seems to follow a general trend of workers travelling further and further for employment.

  BT 17:37 09 Nov 2015

It would take me over an hour to travel 6 miles from Forest Hill to Greenwich across S London during the evening rush when I was on the night shift. Approx 15 mins to get home next morning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:15 09 Nov 2015

Before redundancy, my office was 7 mins from my house but unfortunately my job took me all over the UK and sometimes into Europe and North Americaso could be away from home for a week or two.

Now I'm my own boss, office is at home but again the job takes me round the UK, I no longer accept work abroad.

This week I'm local, an hours drive up the M1 :0)

  sunnystaines 18:22 09 Nov 2015

for most of my working life I cycled to work on a racing bike when in my twenties it was 12-15 miles each way, courses 20 -24 miles, later in my career worked near home only a 5 miler each way

  Matt. 18:46 09 Nov 2015

My daily commute is only two miles (across a Suffolk coastal town) with no viable public transport option!

The journey time ranges from as little as six/seven mins on a night time burglar alarm call-out to 20/25 mins at school run times.

  cruiser2 19:00 09 Nov 2015

I don't have a daily commute now I am retired. Do a round trip of 20 mile son Monday evening,45 miles round trip on Tuesday evening and sometimes Saturday and 15 miles on Wednesday afternoon, when we go dancing. When I was working, used to go to our office in Manchester, usually on a Friday. Round trip of about 40 miles. During the week could be anywhere from Newcastle upon Tyne to north of Birmingham including North Wales.

  VCR97 19:14 09 Nov 2015

I used to travel about twenty miles except when I worked in Glasgow for six months and went to Glasgow by train on Monday returning on Friday.

  spuds 14:18 10 Nov 2015

My commute to work was usually about 25/35 minutes, except when I was 'travelling', then it could result in anything from a few hundred to a few thousand miles,by land, air and sea, depending on the job location.

Its often stated about the very high cost of living and working in London, yet it surprises me, the amount of people who commute perhaps 100 miles plus each way, and possibly at least 5 days a week, to get to their work in London or surrounding areas. And possibly totally reliant on train travel, at that, with its unrealiabity, at frequent times .

Taking into consideration travel time, expensive train fares, plus possible other costs, you may well wonder what the salaries these people are obtaining, to cover expenses, including supporting a home and mortgage.

  LastChip 12:41 11 Nov 2015

About 15 feet!

If I can't do it remotely from home, it's not acceptable as work in my book.

I absolutely loved driving as a youngster (a long time ago :-) ), now it's an unpredictable nightmare. I don't want to know.

  Kev.Ifty 13:35 11 Nov 2015

Being a Field Engineer that has to provide a 4 hour call out time the distance varies.

My base was 6 miles away, so depending upon shift start time, this journey could be 10 mins or 1/2 hour.

That was until 'Management' decided to move operations to a new location!

Junction 10 off the M6. Now, taking into account road works and RTA's.... Your guess is as good as mine as to length of time. But distance is now 30 miles instead of 6.

I think when an employer moves your place of work, they should offer some form of compensation. Mine does not because they pay for the fuel. However they are also paying for the time wasted!

  Forum Editor 17:16 11 Nov 2015

Sometimes I'm like LastChip, and travel to my office in the house, sometimes I go much further, but I'm travelling less often these days because my work pattern has (thankfully) changed and I do far fewer long haul flights.

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