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How expensive are electric cars?

  canarieslover 09:14 11 Oct 2019

It seems that James Dyson has dropped his plans for an electric car as he can't do it in a financially viable way. 1">[click here VW and others subsidising each vehicle in the hope that they can make a profit in the future?


  john bunyan 20:24 11 Oct 2019

Funnily enough we are reverting to the origins of cars - EV’s preceded internal combustion. Maybe, if that had not evolved, we would be 100 or more years further on with EV’s !!

electric cars

  wee eddie 00:14 12 Oct 2019

My own reading of the situation is that in the next decade, or so, fleets of autonomous cars will be owned by the large Taxi Companies and will become the transport of choice of the Metropolitan and the Suburban Middle Classes, as social pressures, and costs, drive the current motorists off the roads

  amonra 10:52 13 Oct 2019

Ask any main dealer how does he dispose of those dud batteries he has at the rear of the showroom ? You will be met with an embarrassing silence. The problem with all makes of electric vehicles is the battery. The motors and running gear have been perfected, so everything depends on future battery technology. Someone somewhere will have to develop a cheap and easily manufactured power source. Don't say hydrogen ! it is one of the most dangerous explosive materials on earth. most people have seen the results of natural gas explosions in houses, they do not come anywhere near to the violent explosive results of a hydrogen/air combination. Can you imagine the results of a very slight leak overnight in your garage ???

  john bunyan 13:25 13 Oct 2019

New battery technology is brewing, using silicon and graphene that hopefully will halve the size, double the life and speed of charging.

new battery

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