how does trump get away with it.

  KEITH 1955 13:58 04 Jun 2019

When he first took office I fully expected him to start world war 3 with at least 4 countries. It is common knowledge that his team of aides read his tweets every morning then go out and faces the press to repair the damage he has done.

Regardless of what you think of royalty he denied saying certain things about Megan Markle and when somebody said we got the recording he laughed it off as fake news.

Even as air force one was landing in this country he was ripping into certain people who he may/may not be meeting.

Apart from the cost of air force one , a helicopter , a security plane , loads of "vehicles" and other assorted staff , I have to ask myself what about the cost to local businesses.

The reason I say cost to businesses is two fold , first the cost to shops where protesters are , would you even try and get near to a shop where dozens of protesters are..... result lost sales !

My second reason of lost income is more sinister , in 1981 when Charles and Dianna came to chesterfield where I live , all the citizens band radios and taxis radios mysteriously died for about 6 hours , I am not saying this has happened in London now but if it did he has coast a lot of people a lot of money.

FOOTNOTE... if you never see another posting from me then I guess the "men in black" will have been to see me !

  Belatucadrus 14:17 04 Jun 2019

Jeremy Corbyn and the Momentum crew can't stand him, so he must have some redeeming qualities.

Not entirely sure what they are.

  Forum Editor 15:05 04 Jun 2019

Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and as such he is an immensely powerful and influential man.

Regardless of our personal opinions about the individual, we would do well to remember that we are doing business with the office of the president, not the person who currently sits in it.

There can be no doubt that Trump feels a considerable amount of goodwill towards this country, and towards Theresa May in particular. He has quite obviously been impressed with the official reception he's getting, and it would be a pretty stupid move not to capitalise on that. No matter what anyone says, we need a good trading relationship with America more than ever before, and Trump seems inclined to foster that relationship. Like it or not, It is very much in our interests to encourage him.

  john bunyan 15:48 04 Jun 2019

Did you hear Corbyn’s speech at the anti Trump rally? Here is a potential PM who seems unable to separate views oh the man from that of the office of the President of our greatest ally. Should Momentum/ Corbyn/ Mc Donnell become our Government, then quite apart from the economic issues ( borrowing, Nationalisation etc) the anti American bias could have enormous consequences, such as being cut off from the mutual intelligence matters and many other important bi lateral matters.

I wonder, however, if this serious matter would impact on Corbynistas at Election time ?

  Quickbeam 16:38 04 Jun 2019

I saw the Corbyn speech, he sounded like he's been on a crash course in public speaking (excitable ranting) at the Arthur Scargill school of claptrap!

  Quickbeam 18:56 04 Jun 2019

The best put down of him that I've read today it that 'He's a sixth form student in a pensioners body'!

  caccy 20:39 04 Jun 2019

Thank you FE.

We are having a visit by the president of the USA and he deserves the same treatment as we swould expect our head of state to receive!

  oftmarshall678 13:11 07 Jun 2019

Personal interests, that's what makes some turn the other cheek.

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